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from 15 persons - 120 minutes

The Hoge Lijn group deal grants your company access to both the Nederwaard and Blokweer museum windmills, The Wisboomgemaal visitors centre including its engine room, On top of that, you’ll be able to view our multi-screen film at Secundairy pumping station De Fabriek.

Strolling around

Choosing the Hoge Lijn group deal also means opting for a reduced entry fee. For all your (online) bookings, groups consisting of 15 people or more are offered a special entry rate of € 7.50 each. The multi-screen film on display at Secundairy pumping station De Fabriek is a great way to start off your visit. A motley crew of characters takes you along on an explorative journey through the rich history of the Kinderdijk tale. The film has been translated into four languages (English, Japanese, German, and French).

Walking past the windmills of Kinderdijk

Walking past the windmills of Kinderdijk

Unique countryside

Get intimately familiar with our centuries-old windmill complex as you take a casual stroll through the unique countryside. Enjoy the reeds waving gently along the banks of the basins as you make you way to our museum mills. When you get there, you’ll experience just what a miller’s life was like back in the old days. As soon as you enter the Nederwaard Museum Windmill, which was built in 1738, you’ll step right across the threshold of history. Travel back in time as you view a photo exhibition compiled from the personal album of the Hoek family; one of the most famous miller’s families of Kinderdijk. If the mill’s sails are turning, you can witness the interior mechanism spring to life before your very eyes. At the Blokweer Museum Windmill, you can watch real millers relive life as it was a century ago inside the monumental mill from 1630, while the surrounding millyard is worth your visit on its own account!

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    • Access to both museum windmills, the multi-screen film at De Fabriek and the Wisboomgemaal