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Korte halve

from 15 persons - 60 minutes

Package deal Korte Halve gives you access to Museum Windmill Nederwaard and the movie theatre in secondary pumping station De Fabriek.

Korte halve

60 min. | €7.50
  • Film
  • Nederwaard
  • Blokweer
  • Overwaard
  • Boat
  • Werkplaats
  • Multi-screenfilm at secondary pumping station
  • Visit Museum Windmill Nederwaard
Adult € 7.50 € 7.50
4 - 12 years € 4.75 € 4.75
0 - 3 years € 0.00 € 0.00
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Multi-screen film

The film is featured across multiple screens, with English, Japanese, French, and German versions available at your request. A motley crew of historical characters explain how the windmill complex came about, why the name ‘Kinderdijk’ actually means ‘Children’s Dike’, and just how vital proper water management is for the Netherlands, since large parts of the country are below sea level.

Museum Windmill Nederwaard

In this windmill, you’ll step right into history. Everything here breathes the atmosphere of ages past. You’ll feel like a time-traveller as you discover the story told by historic black-and-white photos, items used by real miller families, and obviously, the powerful beating hearts of the mighty windmill itself.

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    • Included multi-screen film and Museum Windmill Nederwaard