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from 15 persons - 180 minutes

Rondvol is the most comprehensive group deal that we can think of. Throughout the tour, you will find yourself close on the heels of your personal tour guide, who will show you everything that Kinderdijk World Heritage has to offer. You will set sail on your own dedicated tour boat, which will take you to all the interesting locations on the premises.

Boat tour

For group consisting of fifteen or more people, Rondvol is our most comprehensive group deal on offer here in Kinderdijk. You will be accompanied by your own dedicated tour guide, who will tell you everything there is to know about the mills, their history, the way they work, and the people who live and work inside them. In De Fabriek, the reconstructed monumental auxiliary pumping station, you can watch a multi-screen film about the story behind Kinderdijk and the wider area. From there, your personal tour boat ‘Djieuwke’ awaits you at the jetty, ready to take you on a lovely trip across the water of the basins. You’ll see the windmills drift by from up close, while your host tells you all about the life of the millers out here in the polder landscape.

Museum windmills

The Rondvol group deal includes visits to both the Blokweer and Nederwaard museum windmills. Your group’s dedicated tour boat will carry the whole company to the jetties right near the mills. There, you’ll see, hear, and experience just what it was like to actually live and work inside a real windmill. The group will have a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of genuine Dutch history. You’ll also be visiting the millwright’s workshop. Here, you can wonder at the sheer amount of expertise and skill involved in keeping the Kinderdijk mills in top shape.

All in all, the Rondvol group deal entails a tour that lasts about three hours. That means you’ll get the chance to spend an entire morning or afternoon fully immersed in the glorious tale of the Dutch struggle against the water, and in a personal experience of the life lived by a miller. A great opportunity for your entire company to enjoy Kinderdijk World Heritage from every possible angle!

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