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from 15 persons - 120 minutes

Rondvol is the most comprehensive group deal that we can think of. Watch the multi-screen film about UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk, visit both Museum Mills and set sail on your private tour boat!


120 min. | €19.50
  • Film
  • Nederwaard
  • Blokweer
  • Overwaard
  • Boat
  • Werkplaats
  • Visits to both the Nederwaard and Blokweer Museum Windmills
  • Multi-screen film at De Fabriek Secondary Pumping Station
  • Private boat tour (30 min.)
Adult € 19.50 € 19.50
4 - 12 years € 15.00 € 15.00
0 - 3 years € 0.00 € 0.00
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Multi-screen film

In De Fabriek, the reconstructed monumental secondary pumping station, you can watch a multi-screen film about the story behind Kinderdijk and the wider area. The film is featured across multiple screens, with English, Japanese, French, and German versions available at your request. A motley crew of historical characters explain how the windmill complex came about, why the name ‘Kinderdijk’ actually means ‘Children’s Dike’, and just how vital proper water management is for the Netherlands, since large parts of the country are below sea level.

From there, your personal tour boat awaits you at the jetty, ready to take you on a lovely trip across the water of the basins. You’ll see the windmills drift by from up close.

Museum windmills

The Rondvol group deal includes visits to both the Blokweer and Nederwaard museum windmills. Your group’s dedicated tour boat will carry the whole company to the jetties right near the mills. There, you’ll see, hear, and experience just what it was like to actually live and work inside a real windmill. The group will have a great opportunity to catch a glimpse of genuine Dutch history.

Museum Mill Nederwaard
In this windmill, you’ll step right into history. Everything here breathes the atmosphere of ages past. You’ll feel like a time-traveller as you discover the story told by historic black-and-white photos, items used by real miller families, and obviously, the powerful beating heart of the mighty windmill itself.

Museum Mill Blokweer
This mill is different from the other Kinderdijk windmills. It’s older too, as its original proof of purchase showed when it was recently discovered in a dusty city archive. The official receipt proved that this hollow-post mill was built in 1630, making it well over a century older than any other in Kinderdijk. This hollow-post construction can turn its entire top section to face the wind. From the outside, you get a great view of how the scoop wheel moves the water.

Make the most of your visit to UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk

Add a little extra

If you really want to know everything about life in and around the Kinderdijk windmills, you should book one of our tour guides. Our dedicated guides will make your group tour experience even more special by their personal stories and in-depth knowledge. Live the tale of stormy skies and sweeping sails with your own local expert.

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