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from 15 persons - 90 minutes

The fourth windmill of the Overwaard is one of a kind! It shows how complicated the drainage system was in 1740. This mill is often referred to as the “Contra mill” or “double mill” because it could both fill or empty the Basin. Pre-booked groups can visit this windmill from spring 2020.


90 min. | €22.50
  • Film
  • Nederwaard
  • Blokweer
  • Overwaard
  • Boat
  • Werkplaats
  • Museum Windmill Overwaard
  • Private boat tour (30 min.)
  • Millmakers' workshop visit
  • Tour guide included
Adult € 22.50 € 22.50
4 - 12 years € 18.00 € 18.00
0 - 3 years € 0.00 € 0.00
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The two-way pumping was done with the help of two scoop wheels.  This allowed the ‘Hoge Boezem’ of the Overwaard to be emptied during the summer months, so the cows could graze there.

All the scoop wheels were made of wood in the eighteenth century and were replaced by iron wheels in the nineteenth century, also in Kinderdijk.

The technique and millmakers’ craftmanship will be in the centre of attention

The technique of the mill and the millmaker’s craftsmanship will be central in both the Museum Mill and the adjacent education barn. During the restoration of the mill, the original elements of the kitchen floor and the scoop wheel, among other things, were found. These have been preserved during the restoration of the monument. Visitors can now see a handmade wooden scoop wheel and lower wheel from up close. It is also possible to take a look at the first floor.


The group will be brought to the Museum Windmill by a private boat. A miller and a host will meet the guests and divide them into two groups. The host takes one group to the education barn where one gets an explanation about the technique and the millmaker’s craft. The miller takes the other group inside the Museum Windmill, where visitors can also visit the mill upstairs. People change location after about fifteen minutes. The group will be at the mill exclusively, so they can enjoy the yard and the mill in peace. After a 30-minute visit the group leaves the mill by boat. The location can only be visited by reserved groups up to 50 persons.

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