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from 15 persons - 90 minutes

Relish the monumental highlights of Kinderdijk as you enjoy a ninety-minute walk across the World Heritage grounds. As you stroll through the unique landscape, your personal guide will tell you all about life as it was lived in and around the classic Dutch windmills.

Tour guide

By picking the Stormeind group deal, your company will get a personal glimpse of life as the actual Kinderdijk millers live it. The group is guided by a knowledgeable tour guide from around the area, willing and able to tell you all about the miller’s existence, and to answer any questions that may pop up during your visit. Spend an hour and a half taking a leisurely stroll past all the main landmarks of the World Heritage site as you listen to the tale of Kinderdijk’s struggle against the water – all told from the personal perspective of your dedicated guide.


Enjoy Kinderdijk as your personal tour guide tells you all about the life of a Dutch miller

Discover the highlights

The Stormeind group deal takes you to all the monumental highlights of Kinderdijk World Heritage. Visit the millwright’s workshop and take a minute to wonder at the masterful craftsmanship required to build and maintain our windmills. As your guide talks you through the background story of our world-renowned water management, your group enjoys a pleasant stroll over to Secundairy pumping station De Fabriek, where you can relax as you watch a multi-screen film explaining just how Kinderdijk came about.

The next stop on your trip is the Nederwaard Museum Windmill, proudly awaiting the company across the water. You are most welcome to step inside this brick polder windmill from 1738, and immerse yourself in the traditional life of a Dutch miller’s family.

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