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from 15 persons - 90 minutes

Would like to enjoy the breathtaking winter landscape in Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage? Step on a heated tour boat during the winter season and be enchanted!


90 min. | €17.50
  • Film
  • Nederwaard
  • Blokweer
  • Overwaard
  • Boat
  • Werkplaats
  • Visit Museum Mill Blokweer
  • Private boat tour (30 min.)
  • Tour guide included
  • Free hot drink in Visitors Centre
Adult € 17.50 € 17.50
4 - 12 jaar € 13.00 € 13.00
0 - 3 jaar € 0.00 € 0.00
Arrangement aanvragen

Arrangement Winter

This winter package deal is bookable from the 1st of November untill and with the 31st of December 2020. Groups with a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 25 persons step under guidance of a guide on a silence tour boat Djieuwke. During the cruise to Museum Mill Blokweer, the guide will tell you everything about Kinderdijk and its rich history.

Museum Mill Blokweer is different from the other Kinderdijk windmills. It’s older too, as its original proof of purchase showed when it was recently discovered in a dusty city archive. The official receipt proved that this mill was built in 1630, making it well over a century older than any other in World Heritage Kinderdijk. During your visit you’ll experience what life was like in the fifties of last century.

After the visit at Museum Mill Blokweer, we sail back to the Visitors Center where you will finish with a coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

When there is ice this package deal cannot be booked. But…. who knows, the ice may be thick enough to skate on it!

Enjoy the beautiful Kinderdijk landscape

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