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Sit back and watch the windmills slowly drift by

Let the impressive spectacle of the World Heritage drift past as you glide across the water. Sit back and enjoy!

A deeply Dutch polder landscape

Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage has always been all about water. All the mills, pumps, dikes, and storage basins work together to literally keep their heads above water. That is how this characteristic and deeply Dutch landscape came about.

A boat tour is included in the entry ticket. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, all tour boats have limited numbers of seats available. Always follow the instructions of our skippers! Our tour boats are in service all day long. Strong wind may force them to stay ashore. Prior reservations are not possible.

Enjoy the view

Enjoy the view


The Hoppers ‘Prins Friso’ and ‘Prinses Beatrix’ make rounds along the mills. The ‘Prins Friso’ sails from the jetty at the Middelkade to Blokweer Museum Mill. The ‘Prinses Beatrix’ departs from the jetty near De Fabriek secondary pumping station, and sails back and forth to the Overwaard Museum Mill.


Our Cruiser takes you on a thirty-minute tour past all the glorious Overwaard windmills. It’s the ideal platform for taking your time to shoot the best pictures of the area. The view is simply stunning! The Cruiser finishes its tour where it started: the jetty next to the pedestrian bridge near the Visitor’s Centre. From there, you’ll make the perfect start of your windmill adventure on well-rested legs and a good overview of the windmill area.

Wheelchair users

Both tour boats are accessible for wheelchair users. Dogs are allowed on board, provided they are on a leash. The ships feature ample seats to sit down and rest your feet. If you want to feel the Dutch breeze ruffle your hair, you are welcome to stay up on the decks, but both the Hoppers and the Cruiser have covered seats available.