| Cycling in Windmill Country

Cycling in Windmill Country

The wind at your back whilst cycling in Holland

Kinderdijk World Heritage is as Dutch as it gets, and the most Dutch way to explore the windmills and the surrounding countryside is obviously by bicycle! Some of the best cycling routes of the country take you right past our mills. Please note, due to current Covid-19 measures, you will need a pre-purchased ticket for access to our visitor locations!

The best cycling trails of the country

Murmuring waters, a light breeze in your hair, and the traditional Dutch polder countryside slowly rolling by: a cycling trip is a delightful way of getting to know the windmills of Kinderdijk World Heritage and the natural and cultural treasures of the area. Kinderdijk has a great day out in store for all ages, as the Alblasserwaard region and the neighbouring cities offer plenty of well maintained cycling lanes and some of the best national cycling routes.

Cycling with windmills left and right and water everywhere.

Cycling with windmills left and right and water everywhere.

All of Old Holland within reach

The villages of Alblasserwaard invite you to a tour of the area. You can plan trips from thirty minutes to all-day cycling trails that offer a taste of true Dutch culture and nature for all ages and skill levels. You’ll find that the surrounding ancient Dutch cities are easy to reach by bike as well, including Gouda, Rotterdam, and Dordrecht. Combine your cycling trip with a Waterbus ride, and reach Dordrecht, Biesbosch natural reserve, or inner city Rotterdam in thirty minutes! Cylcists of all kinds and ages will always find an active adventure in Kinderdijk and its old Dutch surroundings below sea level. Make sure to bring or rent a bike for a refreshing, healthy, and deeply Dutch day out!

Cycling between the windmills, Dutch breeze in your hair: the best way to enjoy our country – and a healthy way at that!

RENT a bike in Kinderdijk

So you’re not coming to Kinderdijk on your own bicycle, but you do want to ride one to discover our area? We do not rent out bikes ourselves, but we do know people who do.

Café De Klok, Molenstraat 117, 2961 AK  Kinderdijk.
Distance 500m.

Tourist Info Alblasserdam, Zuiderstek 1, 2952 AZ  Alblasserdam.
Distance 5,2 km.

Bicycle routes AROUND Kinderdijk

Kinderdijk is a pivot in a web of excellent bicycle routes. A nice start or end of a day of cycling fun through the Alblasserwaard and surroundings. Take your two wheels along so-called ‘Tiendwegen’ (regional paths with ditches on either side) and other beautiful bicycle paths where cars are the exception rather than the rule. Ride them dikes with the river on one side and the lowlands on the other side. You see so much more when you ride a bicycle.
You can buy some maps with bicycle routes in our shops. These vary in length from 40 to 60 kilometres.

Windmill route (40-60km)
The official windmill route published in the Year of the Windmill (2011). It takes you past the windmills of Kinderdijk and those of the Alblasserwaard. The full cycle tour counts 60 kilometers, but you can opt for the shorter track of only 40 kilometers. The route also takes you past the villages of Streefkerk, Oud Alblas and Bleskensgraaf, as well as past the little city of Nieuwpoort with its old walls and fortifications.

Windmills and Storks route (45km)
A beautiful route starting at our Wisboom Visitor’s Centre, passing the windmill complex of the village of Streefkerk and the village of Liesveld. Here you can visit the Stork Centre, where volunteers once started to reintroduce storks in the polder landscape. You also pass De Donk, a higher part of the polder used throughout the ages as a shelter in case of floods. Get set for a scenic day of cycling in the Alblasserwaard!

Dordrecht, Kinderdijk and the Biesbosch (50km)
A tour past the three icons of the Dutch Water Triangle: Kinderdijk World Heritage , the Biesbosch National Park  and our oldest city Dordrecht. Feast your eyes on technology, nature, and history in one day. The Waterbus is the connecting link to pass the rivers. You can bring your bicycle for free.

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Enjoy typical Dutch views on your bike