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Sit back and watch the windmills slowly drift by

As our mills and pumping stations toil day and night to drain the water out from the land and into the river, they provide our visitors with a view that is as Dutch as it gets, cruising the Kinderdijk basins on our tour boats.

A deeply Dutch polder landscape

Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage is all about water, from start to finish. Every single windmill, pumping station, dike, and basin that you’ll see here is joined in one giant collective effort to keep the local water running its proper course – in a very literal sense. The process of milling the water out to the river gave rise to the tell-tale, deeply Dutch polder landscape that characterises Kinderdijk and its surroundings. Tour boat tickets can be purchased along with your entry (e-) tickets. Treat yourself to a profoundly relaxing trip and allow our skippers to take you from one visitor point to next, as they carry you across the glittering waters of the Kinderdijk basins.

Route of the Hopper and the Cruiser.

Route of the Hopper and the Cruiser.


The Cruiser is out of service from November 1 to March 31.

You have a choice between two different types of tour, each with its own dedicated vessel. The maps show both tour routes from a bird’s eye perspective. Our Cruiser, not in service during the winter season, takes you on an extensive 30-minute tour across the water, during which the skipper sails past the windmills on a complete round trip. An ideal choice for anyone who likes the best opportunities for taking stunning pictures, because you’ll get the best view of the World Heritage grounds from the surface of the water. After a tour that lasts for about half an hour, the Cruiser will dock at the starting point of the trip: at the Middelkade near the bridge. This is a great place to proceed with your windmill adventure, with fully rested legs and a clear overview of the mill area.

Your tour boat (e-) ticket allows you to hop on and off board at any visitors point you like


The Hopper is on shore for essential maintenance throughout the month of January.

The Hopper is our second tour boat. In contrast to the Cruiser, the Hopper allows you to hop on and off board on multiple locations. The Hopper makes rounds that last for about thirty minutes, stopping at four different points along its route: at the point of departure near Secundary pumping station De Fabriek; at both of the museum windmills, Blokker and Nederwaard; and the Middelkade. Your tour boat (e-) ticket is your proof of entry to board the boat and get off again at any of the visitors points, in any order you like. A great way to hop across the water and visit one of the museum mills at your leisure, after which you can just stroll over to the next Jetty and get back on board for your return trip. The Hopper, which is in service all year round except in January, lets you plot your own course all throughout your Kinderdijk visit.

Please do pay close attention when buying your Kinderdijk entry tickets, either online or at the cash register: adding a tour boat (e-) ticket allows you to make use of the Hopper or Cruiser tour boats. With your tour boat (e-) ticket, you’ll be adding an extra dimension to your experience of a World Heritage site where everything starts and ends with water.

Boat tour time schedules

The Hopper and Cruiser do not sail all throughout the year. Of course, we need to take the weather into account: if it’s too stormy for smooth sailing, the boats stay on the shore. In good weather, our tour boats make their rounds throughout the following periods:

Cruiser Vos & Zn.: main season; from April through to October.
Hopper Prins Friso: all year round, except for January.

The skippers of the Cruiser and Hopper start making their rounds at opening time. Half an hour before closing time, they make their last tour of the day. Please note: our opening and closing times vary from season to season. Reserving tour boat seats is not an option; departure times for the next tour are indicated by clocks placed at the jetties.

Both tour boats are suited to accommodate wheelchair users. Dogs are allowed on board. Both tour boats feature enough benches to get some rest while you sail, with large panoramic windows that provide a sweeping view across the water. The deck is accessible for those keen to feel the Dutch breeze in their hair, but both the Hopper and the Cruiser have covered seats available for anyone who prefers to remain dry and warm.

  • View Kinderdijk from the water

    • Purchase your tour boat ticket online (not available in January)
  • ‘Duiker’ group deal

    Tour the Kinderdijk waters with a group

    • Drift past the mills guided by your personal skipper

‘Duiker’ group deal

For groups of visitors, a boat tour of Kinderdijk is an experience anyone is sure to remember. Our ‘Duiker’ group deal was composed specifically with this goal in mind. The Duiker group deal includes a tour along the windmills for the entire company on the special-purpose tour boat ‘Djieuwke’. This group deal is only available by prior reservation. The ship is exclusively limited to your travel companions, so that you can enjoy the calm atmosphere and space aboard this unique vessel together as you marvel at the spectacular Dutch sights from the glistening surface of the water. On top of this, the Duiker group deal includes a visit to the Nederwaard museum windmill and a viewing of the multi-screen film at the Wisboomgemaal visitors centre. This is the perfect way for any group to experience all of Kinderdijk’s landmarks in a comprehensive package deal with your very own tour boat and dedicated skipper.

Meet our volunteers of World Heritage Kinderdijk

Meet our volunteers of World Heritage Kinderdijk
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Group Deals

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