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Boat tour

A boat tour of Kinderdijk

The best and most beautiful way to experience the Kinderdijk area is from the water, the connecting thread of our windmill story. Enjoying a relaxed tour on the waters of the basins, you calmly sail by the mills as you enjoy breath-taking views. Our tour boats will take you across the whole area: this is the best way to experience these waterlands!

Daydreaming on the murmuring waters

What could be a better viewpoint to enjoy these drained swamplands than the place where it all began – the water? Our skippers are waiting to welcome you aboard, where you’ll discover Kinderdijk World Heritage during a relaxed trip on the surface of the basins. As the wind rustles through the reeds along the banks, you have plenty of time to take in the beauty of the old Kinderdijk mills, as you lose yourself in daydreams about the way these lands must have been in bygone days…

Enjoy a cruise around Kinderdijk...

All throughout the main season, Kinderdijk offers you a chance to enjoy a ‘grand tour’ across the waters of our basins. Our Cruiser “Vos & Zn” will take you along on an extensive boat trip, as our experienced skippers let you draw in the marvels of our windmill complex from the best perspective you can possibly imagine. For photography enthusiasts in particular, the Cruiser is a veritable must, because this ship will grant you all the time and opportunity you need to take the most sensational pictures of the mill-dotted landscape. Of course, this relaxed boat trip is also a great way to unwind while the majestic windmills of Kinderdijk World Heritage stretch their mighty sails high above you. As the sun sparkles on the basin surface, you can lean back and gaze at the billowing Dutch clouds drifting lazily overhead. If the weather is typically Dutch, and the wind sweeps the rain across the polder countryside, our Cruiser offers you a dry and warm place to enjoy the view. This is a great way to add a big splash of windmill experience, bobbing up and down the water that was recently drained from the soil around you. You will find Cruiser “Vos & Zn” at the jetty near the souvenir shop from March through October. Savvy sailors book their tickets online in advance, allowing you to hop on board the minute you set foot in our windmill area.

...or plot your own course

You can enjoy the story of Kinderdijk from the water surface almost all year long. Even when our Cruiser is decommissioned in the cold season, our flexible Hopper “Prins Friso” trudges on. This trusty ship sails all year round, except in the heart of winter from December 31 through February 17. On board the Hopper, you are free to plot your own course through Kinderdijk. This waterborne shuttle service lets you pick your own pace as you enjoy the view of the reeds waving along the shoreline, interspersed by the historical windmills in the classic polder landscape. The Prins Friso moors at the Wisboomgemaal visitors centre and at both of our publicly accessible windmills, so you can make the most of your ticket by hopping on and off wherever you want to have a closer look at our World Heritage. Just like our Cruiser, the Hopper features a covered passenger deck, so we will make sure that you stay snug and dry while you are surrounded on all sides by the water that got the whole Kinderdijk story going in the first place. Enjoy maximum flexibility and hop on board whenever you like with a ticket for the Hopper Prins Friso!

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  • Arrangement Duiker

    Sail through Kinderdijk with a group?

    • Past the windmills with a skipper of your own

Group boat tours exclusive package: The "Djieuwke"

If it suits your purposes to enjoy a lovely boat tour with your own group of people, then our “Duiker” package deal is perfect for you. This group offer can be booked in advance by any company of fifteen or more visitors. Aboard the “Djieuwke” – try and pronounce that! – you will experience Kinderdijk from the glistening waters of our basins, in the company of your own group. The ship awaits you on the shoreline, reserved for your exclusive enjoyment. The skipper will take you along past all of the sights that Kinderdijk has to offer. This gives you all the time you need to make the most of the unforgettable view as our authentic Dutch windmill landscape drifts by in full splendour.

General boat tour information

The surface of the water offers the very best vantage point of Kinderdijk, because here, everything revolves around water – literally. Our Cruiser, Hopper, and the special group boat tours on the “Djieuwke” ensure splashing enjoyment for everyone. Our veteran voluntary skippers ensure your safe passage and a wonderfully relaxing Dutch water experience packed with excellent photo opportunities. Make sure to check in advance whether our boats will be in the water. The Cruiser “Vos & Zn” makes its rounds all Summer season long, from the second half of February through the end of October. In the Winter period, the Cruiser is taken ashore, but our brave Hopper “Prins Friso” remains in service for most of the year. Except for the icy weeks between December 31 and February 17, our Hopper is a year-round workhorse, unless the weather conditions get too bad to warrant responsible touring.

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