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Boat tour

A boat tour of Kinderdijk

The best and most beautiful way to experience the Kinderdijk area is from the water, the connecting thread of our windmill story. Enjoying a relaxed tour on the waters of the basins, you calmly sail by the mills as you enjoy breath-taking views. Our tour boats will take you across the whole area: this is the best way to experience these waterlands!

Gently down the stream – with a great view of the Kinderdijk windmills

Kinderdijk UNESCO World heritage is about water from start to finish. All the windmills, pumping stations, dikes, and basins that you see here work together to manage the water that flows through this area. That is how our picture-perfect Dutch countryside came about around here. You can book several different boat tours along with your (e-)tickets, so sit back and relax while our veteran skippers take you from visit point to visit point across the glittering waters of the Kinderdijk basins.

Hopper and Cruiser routes

Hopper and Cruiser routes

Go on a tour in the Cruiser, or hop on and off board wherever you like in the Hopper

Take your pick as you choose between two different boat tours, each one with its own special vessel. The maps show both tour trajectories from a bird’s eye perspective. Our Cruiser takes you on an extensive 30-minute tour, in which the skipper takes you on a complete round of all the windmills by the waterside. Perfect for anyone keen on taking the time to get the best pictures of Kinderdijk, because the water surface gives you all the best views of our World Heritage. After a tour of about half an hour, the Cruiser returns to the journey’s starting point: the mooring berth at the parking lot. This is the perfect spot to continue your windmill adventure, with a pair of well-rested legs and a great overview of the windmills area.

Our second tour boat is the Hopper. In contrast to the Cruiser, the Hopper lets you get on board and off board at any stop that you prefer. The Hopper makes its round in about thirty minutes, stopping at four different places along its trajectory of the mill area: the museum mills ‘Nederwaard’ and ‘Blokweer’, and at the ‘Wisboomgemaal’ visitors centre. Your tour boat (e-)ticket gets you on and off board at any of these stops. An ideal way to hop across the water and set sail for one of the museum mills, for example, after which you could take a stroll to the next jetty to get back on board for the return trip. With our Hopper, you can plot your own course any way you like.

Do pay attention while purchasing tickets either online or at the ticket office, however: your tour boat (e-)ticket lets you use both the Cruiser or the Hopper. Your tour boat (e-)ticket is a real addition to your experience of a World Heritage site that is all about water in the first place.

Out on the water, where the story of Kinderdijk began, you can kick back and relax while you capture the greatest shots of the windmills on the shores.

Sailing times and facilities on board

Although both the Hopper and the Cruiser keep making their rounds between the mills, they don’t sail all year round. Of course, we take the weather into account: if it’s not safe to make a tour, the ships stay ashore. If the weather is quiet, our tour boats sail during their respective seasons as indicated below:

Cruiser “Vos & Zn.”: All through the summer season, from March through October;

Hopper “Prins Friso”: All year long except for the heart of winter, from December 31 through February 17.

The skippers of the Cruiser and the Hopper set sail as soon as Kinderdijk World Heritage is open to visitors. They make their last tour of the day half an hour before closing time. Pay attention, though, as our opening and closing hours vary as the seasons change. Reservations for specific times are not an option; departure times for the next tour are indicated by clocks found at the jetties.

Both of our tour boats have decks that are accessible for wheelchair users. Dogs are allowed on both vessels. On board and on deck, you will find plenty of seats where you can relax and unwind for a bit, with large windows for panoramic views across the water. If you like to feel the Dutch breeze in your hair, feel free to stay on deck, but both the Hopper and the Cruiser have covered seats available below deck for anyone preferring to stay warm and dry.

  • Experience Kinderdijk from the water

    • Buy your boat tour ticket online
  • Arrangement Duiker

    Sail through Kinderdijk with a group?

    • Past the windmills with a skipper of your own

Especially for groups: our ‘Duiker’ tour boat package deal

Boat tours are a real treat for groups of Kinderdijk visitors, too. That is exactly why we have compiled the ‘Duiker’ group package deal, which includes a tour past the windmills on the special tour boat ‘Djieuwke’. The Duiker group deal can only be booked in advance, but if you do so, we will make sure that Djieuwke is waiting for you as soon as your company arrives. The vessel offers your group exclusive access, so you can enjoy a calm trip with all the space you need as you relish the breath-taking Dutch views from the surface of the water. On top of this, the Duiker group deal includes a visit to the Nederwaard museum windmill and the multi-screen film in our visitors centre. This is the perfect way for your group to experience all the highlights of Kinderdijk World Heritage, packed together into a comprehensive group deal with your very own tour boat and personal skipper.

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