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The Kinderdijk app: adding digital depth below sea level!

If you think that Kinderdijk is all about history, think again. With our brand new Kinderdijk app, you’ll get even more fun and adventure out of your visit of our windmill area, so download it for free now and enjoy added depth below sea level!

The Kinderdijk app: adding digital depth below sea level!

For all our visitors and everyone fond of windmills, Kinderdijk World Heritage is launching a smart and hypermodern initiative. Meet the brand new Kinderdijk app: our latest way of adding a layer of digital depth to your day of Dutch culture below sea level! In the free app, you will find all sorts of ways to get even more out of your visit. You can now arrange your tickets and audio tours simply by using your smartphone. Make sure to bring your headphones and a fully charged battery, because the Kinderdijk app lets you experience history with all the modern conveniences you could wish for.

Audio tours for added adventure

The app adds an entire layer of added adventure to your Kinderdijk experience. You can now use your smartphone to download several audio tours; short and extended ones, for kids and for adults. With your headphones on, you walk among the spinning sails while a local expert tells you all about the area, the wildlife in the polders, our regional history, and of course, the windmills! That means there is something fun to learn and something exciting to do for everyone, while you get to know all the special spots around Kinderdijk by a first-hand explanation. During your audio tour, you’ll learn so much about the life of millers, that we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re considering a career switch by the time you’re done!

Our app adds depth below sea level

  • Learn everything about the Kinderdijk area
  • Add audio tours to expand your adventure
  • Travel smart – keep the Kinderdijk app handy
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Enjoy audio tours, added information, and much more by using our free Kinderdijk app!

Mills on your smartphone

The Kinderdijk app is a logical next step for a World Heritage site that wants to keep up with the times. Nearly all of our visitors have a smartphone with them, so we figured that if you’re busy filling your Instagram with windmill selfies anyway, then why not squeeze every last drop of added adventure from your device? The Kinderdijk app gives you all sorts of options to add a bit of extra fun to your day of windmill adventure. For starters, the app is available as a free download, so there’s no need to go Dutch on that. You can purchase your tickets within the app and link them for a free audio tour. However, the main goal of the app is to give you as much additional information as possible about all this Dutch history, as you stroll through all of it at your own leisurely pace.

More goodies in the palm of your hand

Tickets, audio tours, extra information – as you can see, the Kinderdijk app has a huge deal to offer for all ages, but there is even more to it than this!We are working hard to keep developing new expansions, because there seems to be no limit to the possibilities. One of the app’s smartest applications is the digital map of the World Heritage premises and the surrounding area. The Kinderdijk lets you know where you are every step along the way, and by tapping the map, you’ll find more background information to improve your visit. As you have noticed, our windmills are ready to face the future, so when you come to Kinderdijk, make sure your phone is fully charged and bring your headphones along. By using the Kinderdijk app, you’ll experience our windmill land with the latest technology in the palm of your hand!

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