| Kinderdijk in winter

Kinderdijk in winter

Enjoy a windmill winter wonderland

Anyone looking for a bit of peace and quiet will find that the winter period is a great time to visit Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage. Come by and feast your eyes on the breath-taking countryside, and if you’re lucky, you might catch it covered in a blanket of pure white snow.

Kinderdijk in winter

Every year, as temperatures plummet far below freezing point, people from all around the Netherlands start to warm up in response. The whole country is gripped by a pandemic, as an annual surge of ice-skating fever takes hold. Within the confines of Kinderdijk World Heritage, this fever pitch is raised even further, with people visiting on sleds, on bicycles, wearing their skates, and even plodding through the wintery landscape bent low behind their wheeled walkers. The minute the ice seems thick enough to set foot upon it, the entire nation drops everything to rush out and test it. Nothing can stop us in our passionate love affair with the glacial charms of Dutch winter. Just like the churning waters that we have been battling for centuries, their frozen counterpart has become deeply ingrained in our national identity.

Chill out in wintery Kinderdijk

As lovestruck as we may be when it comes to ice, we can’t escape having to endure weeks of frosty weather before we can go and get our skates out. Unfortunately, the fickle nature of our recent Dutch winters has shown that we can’t take such cold snaps for granted. Not to worry, though, because even when it isn’t freezing, there’s plenty of reasons to come and chill in Kinderdijk throughout the winter season. In fact, anyone who prefers a day of peace and quiet out in the fresh winter air will find more than enough to enjoy among the marvels of Kinderdijk. The Blokweer museum windmill is open all through the winter season. Its counterpart, the Nederwaard museum mill, will only close throughout January for scheduled maintenance. Anyone keen to watch the windmills from the water surface has little to fear from the cold: our Friso tour boat is covered and heated for your convenience. It is only brought to shore for an annual maintenance round in January, but for the rest of the winter period, it is quite ready to give you a warm welcome aboard.

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At the Molenhoek souvenir shop, a nice cup of coffee or a hot bowl of Dutch pea soup awaits any visitors looking for a place to warm their bones after a stroll. The winter season offers ample opportunity and interesting challenges for photographers too. Try not to smile as you watch the sun rise from behind the Overwaard windmills, trying to capture the wispy tendrils of morning fog that meander out through the hoarfrost-covered reeds…

Do make sure to check our current opening hours before you plan your visit, however, to prevent any unpleasant surprises. We are closed on Christmas Day, but we’re open on Boxing Day (12 – 4pm) and New Year’s Day (12 – 4:30pm).

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Nothing can stop us from heading out onto the ice.

Nothing can stop us from heading out onto the ice.