| Walk through our museum mills

Walk through our museum mills

Each mill tells its own story

Our three museum mills are open to the public every day. Within your chosen time slot, you determine how long you spend browsing these unique, centuries-old buildings.

For decades now, the Nederwaard Museum Mill has been welcoming visitors from all over the world. Built in 1738, this old engine is still in prime shape. Everything reminds you of the  past. You feel like a time traveler through an interplay of historical black and white photos, items as used by the miller families and of course the powerful, beating wooden hearts of the mills themselves. Be careful on the narrow, steep stairs.

Our goats Milly and Molly at the Blokweer Museum Mill.

Our goats Milly and Molly at the Blokweer Museum Mill.


A visit to the Blokweer Museum Mill is certainly a must for families. Here you can experience what life was like in the 1950s. Children discover the beautiful yard, which you can safely call an open-air museum, and the mill, built in 1630, by going on an educational scavenger hunt.

In the Overwaard Museum Mill and the adjoining education barn, everything revolves around technology.  This mill from 1740 was the only one of its kind that could grind the water in both directions. See for yourself the impressive scoop wheels. Museum Mill Overwaard can only be visited with one of our tour boats.