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Museum Mills

Each mill tells its own story

Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage: a unique day trip in the Netherlands! Three of our mills are opened daily to the public. Each one with its own unique story. With your entrance ticket you can visit all three.

Nowhere in the Netherlands will you find as many windmills together as in Kinderdijk. The nineteen mills have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. For decades now, the Nederwaard Museum Mill has been welcoming visitors from all over the world. Built in 1738, this old engine is still in prime shape. See, hear, and feel for yourself how the Nederwaard Museum Mill still makes its rounds nearly three centuries after it was built. Even winter is ideal for a day trip to our iconic windmills.

Our goats Milly and Molly at the Blokweer Museum Mill.

Our goats Milly and Molly at the Blokweer Museum Mill.


At the Blokweer Museum Mill, you’ll experience what life was like in the fifties of last century. Visiting this monument from 1630 is an absolute must, especially for families with children. In the Overwaard Museum Mill and the adjoining education barn, everything revolves around technology.  This mill from 1740 was the only one of its kind that could grind the water in both directions. Museum Mill Overwaard can only be visited with one of our tour boats.