| Overwaard Museum Mill

Overwaard Museum Mill

Here, everything revolves around technology

In the Overwaard Museum Mill and the adjoining education barn, everything revolves around technology. Step inside to marvel at the impressive scoop wheels.

This two-way drainage capacity was wholly unique in the world. Anyone crossing this threshold gets a personal close-up look at this special windmill. Two-directional milling happened using a set of two scoop wheels up until the end of the eighteenth century. Now, two centuries later, a comprehensive restoration effort has seen the second scoop wheel restored to its original position. This mammoth wheel weighs eight tonnes in total!

The wooden scoop wheel.

The wooden scoop wheel.

The Overwaard Museum Mill is only accessible by water. One of our millers is on-site to take visitors on a tour. In addition to the mill, you will visit the adjoining education barn, where you’ll see authentic tools and more besides. PLEASE NOTE: the Overwaard Museum Mill is not open to visitors every day!