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Dutch landscape photography with no filters needed

Kinderdijk World Heritage is so  photogenic, that bringing your camera is simply a must. In the sweeping polder countryside and among our iconic windmills, you’ll take the best shots in all of Holland. For social media or photo shoots: in Kinderdijk, every snapshot is a Dutch masterpiece!

The best photo opportunities of the Netherlands

Attention all amateur photographers, professionals, and Instagram gurus! At Kinderdijk, you’ll not only experience the history of the Netherlands below sea level; you’ll also shoot the best photo’s of the sweeping green polder countryside, its spectacular cloud formations, and of course, the iconic windmills that have made Kinderdijk World Heritage so famous in the first place.

Kinderdijk looks like a Photo Wonderland during the first week in September.

Kinderdijk looks like a Photo Wonderland during the first week in September.

Kinderdijk is picture perfect!

There is no place in the world like Kinderdijk for capturing the essence of the Netherlands in a single stunning picture. The windmills, the cloudy skies, the sparkling waters of the basins: here, everything works together to present you with the best photography of the country. The Alblasserwaard area is a great location for nature and wildlife photography as well. Ancient gnarly willows, wide-open polder landscapes as far as the eye can see, and colonies of rare species of water birds give any photographer a shot at capturing the traditional Dutch landscape in pictures, just as the Dutch Masters did here centuries ago!

Wedding pictures in a Dutch landscape

The Kinderdijk windmill area is a beautiful background for pictures of the best day of your life. Couples even fly in from abroad. This couple was photographed by Milena Reinert from... Brazil. Where else can you show your love for each other and for the Netherlands? Please contact us to avoid dissapointments. Sometimes the circumstances here can be against a photoshoot. We like to find alternative timing with you.

Wedding pictures in a Dutch landscape

A word about drones...

As more and more photographers are discovering the possibilities of drones for their photography, Kinderdijk World Heritage does not automatically permit the use of drones within the confines of the windmill complex. Most of our windmills are inhabited. On top of that our area is a protected and vulnarable Natura 2000 area. To protect the privacy of our inhabitants and of our wildlife we ask you for your understanding. If you plan to use drones in Kinderdijk, please contact our staff to gain permission, and to prevent any misunderstandings in advance! More information on our special Press page.

In September 2018, the Molenwaard and Alblasserdam municipal authorities launched a campaign intended to discourage the use of drones in Kinderdijk. Put simply, we’d rather not have them around at all; primarily to safeguard the privacy of our windmill residents. We sincerely appreciate your understanding. More information can be found on our Press page.

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