Cycling & biking in Kinderdijk and the Alblasserwaard

Explore the history of West Holland on your bicycle and enjoy a beautiful day at a unique Dutch World Heritage site: Kinderdijk, the best Holland has to offer!

Bicycle rent

Unfortunately it is not possible to rent bicycles at World Heritage Kinderdijk.
We would like to refer you to Grand Café de Klok.
For group bookings you can contact Tourist Info Alblasserdam.

Cycle routes Kinderdijk

By using the Dutch cycle junction network, you can follow a beautiful cycle route that passes by Kinderdijk and its windmills. The windmill complex of Kinderdijk represents the courageous fight of the Dutch against the sea level. For many years, the windmills of Kinderdijk kept the land, which was continually threatened by floods and soil compaction, dry.

The Alblasserwaard – once an untamed and wet peatland – was eventually inhabited by humans, who built windmills in the area to drain the water. Besides Kinderdijk and its 19 iconic windmills, you can also visit the villages of Streefkerk and Oud-Alblas during your cycle trip. Cycle along canals and small rivers, take the ferry and enjoy the impressive views and charming farmhouses.

Tip: If you’d like to park your car in Kinderdijk, simply follow the appropriate signs; you can park near the entrance of World Heritage Kinderdijk for a charge of 5 euros.

Windmill cycle route

The official windmill cycle route – which was released during the 2011 theme year ‘Long Live the Mills’ – will guide you along the 19 windmills of Kinderdijk, as well as green grasslands, enchanting villages, the Alblasserwaard and the Vijfheerenlanden. If you’d like, you can use Kinderdijk as starting point for this cycle route and cycle towards Streefkerk from there. After this, the route will take you to Nieuwpoort, Bleskensgraaf and Alblasserdam, and eventually back to Kinderdijk. The complete cycle route is 60 kilometres long, though you can also choose a shorter version of 40 kilometres.

Tip: Stop by the Visitors' Centre Wisboom Pumping Station in Kinderdijk for more information on the official windmill cycle route that crosses Kinderdijk.

Take a break at the Visitors' Centre Wisboom Pumping Station

During your cycle trip in and around Kinderdijk, you are more than welcome to drop by the Visitors' Centre Wisboom Pumping Station. The centre is the ideal starting point for your cycle tour, but is also a great location to take a break. The Visitors' Centre is situated in a former steam-powered pumping station. During your visit, you can look around the station and visit a small exhibition. In the centre, you can also buy a beverage, visit the VVV i-point (digital Tourist Information Point) and shop in the cosy souvenir shop. All proceeds of the Visitors' Centre are directly used for the maintenance and management of World Heritage Kinderdijk.

If you like cycling, you will surely enjoy a day trip in and around Kinderdijk; alone or together with friends, family or a cycling club!

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