During a day out in Kinderdijk, a visit to the Museum Windmill Nederwaard is not to be missed. At this unique location, you can personally experience how a windmill works. At the Museum Windmill, you will meet a full-blooded miller and you will be able to explore the mill, which has been preserved in its original state, from the inside and from the outside. If there is sufficient wind, the mill might even be set in motion!

A journey through time

The traditional footbridge that brings you to the entrance of the Museum Mill, is also the start of an exciting journey through history. Discover the authentic inside of the Museum Mill; enter the mill and step back in time. The interior originates from the 1950s, when the last inhabitant left the windmill. As you will see in the original living room, the inhabitants slept in a 'bedstede' (alcove bed).

At various points in the mill, you can watch film clips showing glimpses of mill life and the operation of the mill. The mechanical part of the windmill is also fascinating to see. Climb the stairs to the three floors, where you can inhale the atmosphere of the ‘50s. On the top floor, you will be rewarded with a breath-taking view of the surrounding windmills and astonishing scenery.

Meet the miller

The miller is always present at the Museum Mill to welcome you and answer any questions you might have. You can recognise him by his traditional blue overall and clogs. The miller is happy to show you around the mill and can give you plenty of information about Kinderdijk and its mills.

Itinerary Museum Mill Nederwaard

Eight brick drainage mills, built in 1738, stand guard on the west side of the Middelkade. This is the central path through the Kinderdijk windmill area. With your back to the Lekdijk, the Nederwaard windmills are on the right and the Overwaard mills on the left.

The Museum Windmill is one of the mills on the right. The windmills form the last stage of the Nederwaard drainage system. The second windmill has been turned into a Museum Windmill. Beware of the turning sails; they almost scrape the ground. That is why this type of windmill is called a ‘ground-sailer’.

If you’re going on a day trip to Kinderdijk, a visit to the Museum Windmill Nederwaard is an absolute must do experience…

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