Tourist Vessel

Two different tourist vessels sail the canal of the Overwaard. You have a beautiful view of our windmills and our area from the water.

You can buy a ticket for the boat tour at all World Heritage Kinderdijk ticket offices. With a ticket you can choose for one of both tourist vessels.

The Canal Hopper Prins Friso takes you to four of our visiting points. The electric ‘whisper’ boat starts at our Visitor Centre Wisboom and then sails to the Parking Area, Museum Mill Nederwaard, Musuem Mill Blokweer and back to the Visitorcentre. You can get on and off at all visiting points. The Prins Friso is an open ‘terrace’boat. It completes its tour in 30 minutes and is suitable for wheelchairs.
The Canal Cruiser (Ferry No 6) takes you for a tour that starts and ends at the Parking Area. It takes you along the windmills in about half an hour. 

For more information see Prices and Information.

Groups of 15 to 50 persons can book a trip on the Djieuwke, the closed electric vessel. This boat offers lots of opportunities like catering and guided tours. You can book this arrangement Duiker here.

Group packages