Visitors' Centre Wisboom Pumping Station

During your day out in Kinderdijk, you are more than welcome to stop by Visitors' Centre Wisboom Pumping Station. The visitors’ centre is also a perfect location to have a break during your walking or cycling journey in Kinderdijk’s surroundings. The centre is situated in a former steam-powered pumping station. You can have a look around, enjoy a drink and visit the tourist shop for a nice souvenir to take home. The Wisboom Visitors' Centre also houses a VVV i-point, a digital station with lots of interesting tourist information about the area.

Exhibition & Kinderdijk film

In the entrance hall of the Wisboom pumping station, you can enjoy a small exhibition. After this, you can explore the imposing machine room of the Wisboom pumping station. Surrounded by the flywheels and centrifugal pumps, you can watch - on six screens - a film about the Kinderdijk windmill area. The film is subtitled in four languages.

Kinderdijk windmills: beverages & souvenirs

The visitors’ centre offers a small selection of beverages, including coffee, tea and soft drinks. Relax for a while on the terrace or one of the picnic tables and enjoy the terrific view, featuring plenty of characteristic windmills.

Would you like to buy a souvenir to remember your trip to World Heritage Kinderdijk or are you looking for a nice local present? The souvenir shop in the visitors’ centre would love to help you find the perfect give-away.

Support UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk

Your visit to the Wisboom pumping station supports the preservation of the unique World Heritage Kinderdijk. All proceeds of the Visitors' Centre and the entrance fees are directly used for the maintenance and management of the World Heritage Kinderdijk mill site.

So plan an unforgettable day trip to Kinderdijk, visit the Kinderdijk windmills and help safeguard the future of this unique, iconic Dutch World Heritage!

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