Walking & hiking in Kinderdijk and the Alblasserwaard

Kinderdijk and its exquisite nature surroundings form a great area for walking and hiking. A daylong or multiple day hike doesn’t only lead you through the gorgeous windmill complex of Kinderdijk, but through the entire Alblasserwaard country region. The extensive peat landscape forms one of Holland’s most beautiful hiking spots. You can follow one of the well-maintained footpaths, but also venture off-track for an adventurous walk in the wild.

Tip: During your walking tour in Kinderdijk, you are more than welcome at the Visitors' Centre Wisboom Pumping Station. This is the perfect spot to take a break, get to know more about the Kinderdijk windmill complex and to enjoy a drink…

Long distance walking paths

Kinderdijk is the place where the rivers Noord and Lek meet. The most significant walking paths that cross through Kinderdijk are the Floris V path and the Grote Rivierenpad. Both long distance walking paths are an excellent choice if you’d like to go for a long hike. If your visit to Kinderdijk is part of a multiple day hike, it’s an excellent location to stay overnight. There are a few lovely Bed & Breakfasts in the area.

Short distance walks

A short distance walk is also definitely worth the time, because Kinderdijk is the perfect base to explore the wide polders of the Alblasserwaard. From the dyke near the Kinderdijk windmill complex, you can follow the signposted Kinderdijk foot trail; it’s a great walk of about 9 to 12 kilometres along local paved paths and green grass dykes. What makes this walking trail extra special, is that you will keep the windmills of Kinderdijk and the gorgeous surrounding nature in sight all throughout your hike!

Car parking

If you are travelling to Kinderdijk by car, please follow the appropriate signs to find a parking space. It’s possible to park your car right near the windmill complex for a charge of 5 euros. In the nearby IHC-zone (about 800 meters walking distance from the entry of the windmill complex), you can park your car for free; please note there is a limited amount of spaces during the week. Naturally, it’s also possible to cycle to Kinderdijk.

If you love walking, then don’t miss out on a (multiple day) hike in and around Kinderdijk! During this lovely trip, you will be surrounded by typical Dutch nature and cultural landscape that you won’t soon forget…

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