Accommodations in and near Kinderdijk
Since Kinderdijk and its surroundings have so much to offer, an overnight or multi day stay is definitely worth considering. The lodging possibilities in Kinderdijk are somewhat limited, because large hotels don’t fit the picturesque view of the village… Nonetheless, there are some cosy, small-scale accommodations in and around Kinderdijk that cater your every need…

Bed & Breakfast and hotels
In Kinderdijk and its surrounding area, you can find a couple of lovely, small-scale accommodations that are perfect for an overnight stay or short vacation in and around Kinderdijk. These bed & breakfasts are, for example, perfect for a multiple day hike or cycle trip. Please find below, an overview of the current possibilities to stay overnight in and near Kinderdijk…

Motorhome & camper sites near Kinderdijk
Would you like to visit Worldheritage Kinderdijk with a camper or motorhome? Since a couple of years, there are a few small-scale, private-sector camper sites on farmyards in the Alblasserwaard. The addresses of these camper sites can be found in this brochure (in Dutch) on the website of Campererf. 
Bed&Breakfast De Uitspanning (from €45.-)
Hotel Wapen van Alblasserdam (from € 82.50)
B&B 'De Noord' (Alblasserdam) (from €45.-)
Bed & Breakfast 'De Ouwebeer' (from € 80.-)
Camping het Loze Vissertje