Nature in and around Kinderdijk

Meet Holland below sea level: an authentic Dutch cultural landscape with unique views, astonishing cloud formations and a huge diversity of plant and animal life. In other words: all the ingredients for a lovely day trip in the Netherlands…

Nature & cultural landscape

The wonderful village of Kinderdijk is surrounded by unparalleled environmental beauty. The nature around Kinderdijk is protected by the Dutch and European government as a ‘Natura 2000 area' under the name of ‘Boezems Kinderdijk’ because of the existence of extraordinary flora and fauna. The nature reserve consists of about 840 acres and is maintained and preserved by the public organisation ‘Staatsbosbeheer’, which is commissioned by the Dutch government.

The natural landscape surrounding Kinderdijk includes the high ‘boezems’ (storage basins) of the Nederwaard, the Overwaard and Nieuw-Lekkerland and the adjacent polders. The boezems consist of open water, cane swamps, cyperaceae swamps, tall herb vegetations and bushes. This biodiversity makes Kinderdijk the perfect habitat for a wide variety of plants and animal species…

Animal kingdom

The area around Kinderdijk houses an immense diversity of animal life including deer, hares, rabbits, moles, hedgehogs, mice, arvicolinae rodents and bats. The mustelidae (weasel family) are also widely represented, including weasels, ermines and polecats. With a bit of luck, you might even be able to spot a fox or stone-marten.

On top of this, the Alblasserwaard houses no less than 9 out of 16 amphibians that reside in the Netherlands, including the northern crested newt, the moor frog and the natterjack toad. As you might already have suspected, you will also encounter numerous birds, fish and insects (including butterflies and dragonflies).

Bird fancier?

Kinderdijk is the perfect location for bird watching. Kinderdijk has its own bird count station, which is used by the Nature Watch ‘De Alblasserwaard’ (NVWA), amongst others. You will find plenty of brooding, wintering and migrating birds in and around Kinderdijk, including rare species like the Purple Heron, Lesser Whitethroat, Marsh Warbler and European Stonechat.

Kinderdijk: a treasure amongst treasures

In the centre of Holland’s ‘Randstad’ conurbation lies the unique ‘Groene Hart’ (Green Heart). The Groene Hart is part of a select group of 20 unique National Landscapes of The Netherlands, and Kinderdijk was named the most beautiful spot within the Groene Hart in 2012! Cycling out of Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag (The Hague), or Rotterdam, you will soon be surrounded by green…

If you’re looking for a fun day trip (for example from Amsterdam) or a nice place to visit in the Netherlands, Kinderdijk is without a doubt the right destination for you!

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