• Are package deals, tours or tour guides available for groups?

    Our group packages are listed on our ‘|package deals|’ page, or you can fill out the application form to submit your specific request.

  • Are there promotional offers that are currently valid?

    The World Heritage Foundation offers guests a 10% discount when they order tickets online. That makes it more economic to order your tickets ahead of time.

  • What time does Kinderdijk close?

    See our opening hours page.

  • Is it possible to visit Kinderdijk in a wheelchair?

    Sadly, the museum windmill is not accessible to wheelchairs due to the steep stairs and narrow doorway. However, the film about Kinderdijk s hown in the Wisboom pumping station is wheelchair-accessible, as is the walking path between the windmills.

  • How can I request information from the Kinderdijk World Heritage Foundation, e.g. for educational purposes?

    The website provides a lot of information about the history and background of Kinderdijk. For special projects, please email us regarding your request. Kinderdijk does not have decorations, banners, posters or other free materials.

  • How can I submit a complaint?

    The World Heritage Foundation does its very best to ensure that your visit is as pleasant as possible. We would like to hear from you if you’re not satisfied. Send us an email - and make sure to include your personal information and the date of your visit. Go to email.

  • What is the maximum age for children to enjoy free admission?

    Children up to the age of three years have free admission to the Wisboom pumping station film and the museum windmills.

  • Are dogs allowed?

    Your dog is welcome in Worldheritage Kinderdijk, provided that it is kept on a leash. Dogs are not permitted inside the Museummills and Filmtheater.

    It is forbidden for visitors to bring along pets or animals in an area if it has expressly been indicated outside of that area that the presence of pets or animals is not allowed. This provision is obviously not applicable to guide dogs or assistance dogs that accompany a visitor with an ID card;