Frequently asked questions

Here you can find the answer to most frequently asked questions



What’s included in my ticket?

Your entry ticket includes the following:

Nederwaard Museum Windmill
Duration: 30 minutes

Just step inside the windmill by yourself and meet the miller.

During your visit to the Nederwaard Museum Windmill, a brick polder mill from 1738, you’ll step right into history. Take in the interior dating from the 1950s, as it was when the last occupants left this mill. Check out an exhibition featuring photos from Hoek miller’s family album. What clothes did they wear? Where did the children go to school? What toys did they have to play with? Lie down in the bedstead and close your eyes as you listen to the creaking of the mill’s mechanism. Allow your imagination to be captivated by this centuries-old monument.

Blokweer Museum Windmill
Duration: 30 minutes
Visit this unique ‘wip’ windmill and the surrounding millyard at your leisure. Meet the miller and watch him or her in action.
Jump back to the 1950s and get acquainted with the miller to learn about the tricks of the trade. He or she can tell you all about the water level, the vegetable plot, the history of the Alblasserwaard area, and of course, this unique windmill. The millyard is home to all sorts of farm animals, including our beloved goats Milly and Molly. When the weather is nice, this is a superb spot to grab a seat on one of the picnic benches.

Multi-screen film at De Fabriek Auxiliary Pumping Station
Film duration: 12 minutes
This twelve-minute film is displayed on several screen simultaneously, each one presenting  different characters with their own stories to tell. Plunge headfirst into the tale of Kinderdijk’s struggle against the water, find out how Kinderdijk came about, and discover why the name Kinderdijk is actually Dutch for ‘Children’s Dike’. De Fabirek is a fine place to start your World Heritage visit.

Wisboomgemaal Visitors Centre engine room
Duration: 10 minutes
The engine room used to serve as the beating heart of the Wisboom pumping station. The host will tell you all there is to know about the history surrounding this pumping station, which was commissioned in 1868, and the brutal work that was needed to keep the machines running. In 1924, the pumping station switched from using steam-powered turbines to electric generators. The huge centrifugal pumps and flywheels are still on display as eye-catching reminders of a proud industrial heritage.

Audio tours in the Kinderdijk UNESCO Official app
Duration: 45/90 minutes
Short and extended audio tours for children and adults are available for free through the Kinderdijk UNESCO Official app. If you want to find out more about Kinderdijk and the unique wildlife it harbours? Listen to the nation’s most famous forester Arjen Postma on a fun and educational audio tour using your own smartphone and our app.


At what time does Kinderdijk close?

See our opening hours page.



Are arrangements, guided tours or guides available for groups?

You can find our arrangements for groups and more on our page for arrangements or fill in a request form with your specific question or wishes. For groups larger than 15 persons you need to make a reservation.


Can I visit for free with my museum card/ cultural pass/ student pass?

Unfortunately we do not offer this. But you can buy your online ticket with € 1.00 discount!


Up to what age do children have free access?

Children up to and with 3 years have free entrance to the film, the boat tours and the Museum windmills. From 4 years and up child rates will apply.


Are there special offers at this time?

When purchasing an online ticket the World Heritage Kinderdijk Foundation offers guests a discount of € 1.00 per ticket. (Not in January!)

The following actions apply on location:

When showing the BankGiro Loterij VIP-card, our guests receive 20% discount on the entrance price. This discount is only valid for a maximum of 4 persons.

Via the Waterbus you can buy a discount ticket Kinderdijk/Waterbus.


Wheelchair accessibility

The Wisboom visitors centre has special toilet facilities for the disabled.

Other locations with specific wheelchair accessibility include: the multi-screen film theatre, the footpaths, our Cruiser and Prins Friso tour boats, and the millyards. Unfortunately, due to their narrow entrances and steep stairwells, the windmill interiors are inaccessible to wheelchairs.

A limited number of (pushed) wheelchairs are freely available for anyone with mobility impairments arriving at Kinderdijk without their own wheelchair. Please refer to the staff at the Wisboom Visitors Centre to obtain your personal wheelchair. Wheelchair users get free entry to the World Heritage grounds, although their companions do have to pay for their own tickets. Anyone with a special disability license is granted free parking.


Where do I find information for education or teaching programs?

For lots of interesting information about the history and background of Kinderdijk we like to refer you to our website. For special projects you can always send in a request via email. We do not have free things like decorations or posters available.


How can I submit a complaint?

The World Heritage Kinderdijk Foundation does her very best to make your visit as pleasant as possible. Should you however not be satisfied about something, we appreciate if you’d let us know. Please send us an email: and add your personal data and the time and date of your visit.


Are dogs allowed?

Pets and other animals are not allowed inside the museum windmills, but you are free to take leashed dogs with you to the edge of the millyards. The film theatre at De Fabriek Auxiliary Pumping Station is off-limits to pets. The obvious exception to this rule are certified guide dogs accompanying visitors holding identification cards. Pets are allowed onto the tour boats and into the Wisboom visitors centre.


Can I rent bikes at Kinderdijk?

We do not rent out bikes, but you can hire them via Party Centre De Klok, Grand Café Buena Vista and Tourist Info Alblasserdam.


Can I fly with a drone?

Let’s make one thing clear: drones are wonderful devices, capable of capturing stunning imagery – we wholeheartedly agree with that. Nonetheless, employing drones can easily become a serious nuisance. Since most of our windmills are inhabited, taking the privacy of residents into consideration is a big deal to us. After all, who likes having cameras hovering overhead intruding your private space all day long?

In addition, Kinderdijk World Heritage is a protected Natura 2000 area. A wealth of plant life, bird species, and other animals use it as a much needed safe haven to preserve wildlife diversity and habitats. This means that as a rule, flying over Natura 2000 zones is prohibited, to prevent disturbing the peace that flora and fauna need. Professional drone pilots must always obtain prior permission from the Omgevingsdienst Haaglanden authorities. National directives govern drone use by private individuals.

In September 2018, the No Drone awareness campaign was launched under the direction of the Molenwaard and Alblssserwaard municipal authorities. The campaign uses signs, social media, and other means to make Kinderdijk World Heritage visitors aware of the impact that drones have on the daily lives and privacy of our residents. Under current regulations, drone pilots may be fined by force of Molenwaard General Local Directives (Algemene Plaatselijke Verordening) if they cause demonstrable nuisance and are caught in the act. The amount fined is nothing to sneeze at: 410 euros, to be precise. If you did manage to obtain a licence, please be sure to inform us at the Kinderdijk World Heritage Foundation (SWEK). We will inform the millers in turn.


Can I charge my electric bike or car?

World Heritage Kinderdijk doesn’t have an electic charging station for bicycles and/or cars.


Can I moor with my boat in World Heritage Kinderdijk?

No. It is not allowed to moor your boat at any jetty in World Heritage Kinderdijk.


Can I sell something in World Heritage Kinderdijk?

No. Entrepreneurs needs permission from World Heritage Foundation Kinderdijk and a permit from municipality Molenwaard.

Mail to:


Lost or found an item in World Heritage Kinderdijk?

Lost something? Please contact our office and describe the location, day and time and details about your item. You must be able to provide evidence that the item is yours.

If you found an item, please give it to one of our visiting locations. Thank you!



When is the week of Windmills in floodlight in Kinderdijk?

The first whole week of September (from mondag untill saturday) the world famous windmills of World Heritage Kinderdijk will be in the spotlight in the evening. The lighting creates a wonderful spectacle and is a rewarding object for many photographers. This attractive light show is available every evening between 8:30 PM and 11:00 PM.
The historical draining windmills can be seen from the freely accessible cycling and foot path which runs straight through the windmill region, walking is free. Please note it is dark on the path!
The whole village also ensures a sparkling light atmosphere, façade lighting on houses and enlightened “dyke mills”along the Lekdijk. On Friday night during this week there is a nice Windmill Market with more than seventy stalls. This annual fair is held near the windmill complex and starts at 5:00 PM and ends around 10:30 PM.