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Group entrance

Discover Kinderdijk in your own preferred way - with a tour guide or without.

Groups consisting of fifteen persons or more should always make prior reservations for their visits to Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage. They get to use the special group entrance for access to the windmill area. We have various group deals on offer to tailor your visit to your specific desires.

Kinderdijk group deals

Please note that groups of fifteen people or more without prior reservations will not be admitted to Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage! All groups arriving by coach or by river cruise enter the World Heritage grounds by the special new entrance zone, accessible from the Stop & Go zone. There, all groups are received at the reception desk of the new group entrance building, where all bookings are verified.

Group deals

We have various group deals available especially for groups, called Hoge Lijn, Duiker, Rondvol and Stormeind. Please check our group deals page for further details. Reservations need to be made five days prior to your visit. If you want to find out all there is to know about life in and around the Kinderdijk windmills, it’s certainly worth your while to call in one of our tour guides. Having your own dedicated guide at hand to tell you personal stories and add a treasure trove of local expertise is bound to make your group outing even more special.

The group entrance

The group entrance


After receiving our confirmation of reservations, all groups need to show theirs (in digital or printed format) to the reception desk staff. Separate timeslots are booked for every group. It is vital to arrive on time to ensure safety and visitor flow. Any groups that fail to arrive on time run the risk of having their planned visit cancelled.


Making reservations

Our reservations department is available from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm at info@kinderdijk.nl and ++31 (0) 78 691 23 30. Reservations can also be made using our group deals page.