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Group entrance

Discover Kinderdijk in your own preferred way; with a tour guide or without.

If you travel with a group of fifteen persons or more and want to make the most out of your Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage visit, be sure to book one of our group deals. You’ll contribute to our windmill maintenance as an added benefit.

Kinderdijk group deals

We offer group deals in a range of unique flavours: Hoge Lijn, Duiker, Rondvol, Stormeind, and Millwright’s Helper (for children). Take a look our group deal page for all the specifics. Groups of over fifteen persons must make reservations at least five working days prior to their visit.

Group entrance

All groups arriving by river cruise or coach enter the World Heritage grounds by the new entrance zone, accessible from the drop-off & boarding zone. There, all groups receive a warm welcome at the reception desk of the new group entrance building while bookings are verified. If you really want to find out all there is to know about life in and around the Kinderdijk windmills, you won’t regret employing the services of our dedicated tour guides. Having your very own tour guide at hand to share personal stories and a wealth of inside information will add an extra layer of experience to your special group visit. Please note that prior reservations are your only way to get group access to Kinderdijk World Heritage!

Our group entrance

Our group entrance

Groups that have received our confirmation of booking are required to submit it (either digital or in print) to the reception desk staff. Bespoke time slots are reserved for each individual group. Your timely arrival is critical for a safe visit and management of visitor flows. Should your group fail to arrive on time, you run the risk of having your planned visit cancelled. Tip: we have a brand new toilet facility right next to the group entrance. While the group leader reports at the reception desk, the rest of the company can use this opportunity to use the toilets before entering the premises.


Our reservations department is on call from Mondays to Fridays between 9am and 5pm at info@kinderdijk.nl, or by phone at (+31)(0)78 69 12 830. You can also apply for booking via our Group deals page.


Stop & Go zone

Our Stop & Go zone is intended solely for allowing passengers to disembark and get back on their coaches. We provide special parking facilities for coaches at our nearby facility in Nieuw-Lekkerland. Take a look at our Stop & Go zone page for further information. Please note that surveillance officers are on call to inspect for illegal parking!