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See for yourself how the Dutch have been living and cooperating with and fighting against the water that holds our country firmly in its grasp. Join one of our tour guides and get a first-hand account of Kinderdijk water management. Did you know that with a visit you contribute to the maintenance of the Kinderdijk World Heritage site?

Visit Kinderdijk World Heritage

We have a unique range of packages for tour operators. On this page we would like to inform you about the different options for your groups. All our packages can be booked from 11 people. Prior reservations are always mandatory!

60 minutes - € 11.00

Korte Halve

Combine the film in the Secondary pumping station with the Nederwaard Museum Mill .

The film tells you about the history of Kinderdijk. A perfect start for your visit. Then you walk to Nederwaard Museum Mill, where you step right into history. Everything here breathes the atmosphere of ages past.

Korte Halve
90 minutes - € 15.00


See the impressive windmills glide past you from the water.

The multi-screen film in secondary pumping Station 'De Fabriek' tells you about the history of Kinderdijk. From the water you can admire our icons from even closer. In the Nederwaard Museum Mill you can experience up close what life was like in a windmill. Marvel at the impressive machines that still function centuries after they were built.

90 minutes - € 26.50


Museum Mill Overwaard is one of the most unique windmills in the world.

The technique of the mill and the millmaker’s craftsmanship are central in both the Overwaard Museum Mill as wel as the adjacent education shed. The thatched mill from 1740 does not have one paddle wheel, like all other Kinderdijk mills, but two! During the cruise, our guide will tell you all about the unique character of this ingenious eighteenth-century building. At the yard, the company is awaited by one of our millers. See for yourself the impressive interior. The mill-maker's craft is central to the education shed, depicted by a special collection of tools.


Group entrance

Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage has a Stop & Go zone. Coaches can safely drop off the group. After a short walk through the reed landscape of Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage, they arrive at the group entrance where our colleagues will welcome them.

Coordinates Stop & Go Kinderdijk: 51.889231; 4.640790

During the group visit, the driver can park the coach at a designated parking space in the adjacent village of Nieuw-Lekkerland. The costs are € 17.50 per coach and will be charged at the time of booking.

Coordinates parking area Nieuw-Lekkerland: 51.886834; 4.677805

Route to the parking lot for buses in Nieuw-Lekkerland

Route to the parking lot for buses in Nieuw-Lekkerland

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Are you interested in offering a visit to Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage as a tour operator? Our Reservations Department is available from Monday to Friday from 09 am to 5 pm.

Only requests submitted by email will be considered.

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