19 July 2019

Additional Waterbus departures to Kinderdijk

From the moment the direct Waterbus connection to Kinderdijk became operational, annual numbers of travellers have increased steadily. That is why this summer, as more and more people plan their Kinderdijk visits departing from Rotterdam and Dordrecht, additional Waterbus departures are scheduled to take you to the doorstep of Kinderdijk World Heritage.

Over the summer holiday period, lasting from Saturday July 20 until Sunday September 1 2019, an additional Waterbus vessel is committed to carry visitors to Kinderdijk. Additional departures help regulate the flow of people and keep waiting times down to a minimum. These additional departures were agreed by mutual consult of the South-Holland Provincial Authorities. Anyone planning to visit Kinderdijk can now make the trip from Dordrecht or Rotterdam in less than 30 minutes without any stopovers.

Get to Kinderdijk in less than 30 minutes from Rotterdam or Dordrecht

Currently, Waterbus operates Line 202 from its Rotterdam Erasmus Bridge and Dordrecht Merwekade stops, which sails directly to Kinderdijk Molenkade. At this moment, the line operates one a two-hourly schedule. Adding a second vessel to the schedule allows a Waterbus to depart every single hour. In addition, Waterbus operates its Line 20 service, sailing from Rotterdam Erasmus Bridge and Dordrecht Merwekade to Ridderkerk De Schans. From there, a stopover onto Driehoeksveer Ferry will take you straight to Kinderdijk in a matter of minutes.

All-day ticket including Kinderdijk entry

Travelling by Waterbus without a Dutch Public Transport chipcard is possible by (cash) purchase of a ticket on board. Alternatively, you can buy all-day ‘Dagkaart’ tickets online at This special Kinderdijk ticket not only grants you passage on board the Waterbus, but also includes your Kinderdijk entry fee and grants the option to travel back to Ridderkerk De Schans by Driehoeksveer Ferry if you wish. This all-day Waterbus Kinderdijk Dagkaart is only available online and at Rotterdam Partners and Dordrecht Tourist Information.

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