29 December 2019

Buying tickets online gets even more attractive in 2020

Ordering tickets online for your visit to Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage is about to become even more attractive. From January 1, 2020, online tickets will be 2 euro cheaper than any tickets bought at the cash register.

The Kinderdijk World Heritage Foundation (SWEK) is working closely together with several partners, including the Molenwaard and Alblasserdam municipalities, to ensure that Kinderdijk remains fully futureproof. All across the Netherlands, tourist flows are on the rise. This also means that more tourists come to visit the Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage grounds every year. Obviously, we are very pleased to see so many of you enjoying our iconic windmills in their natural Dutch landscape. Nonetheless, increasing tourist flows call for a critical review of our policies across several aspects of our enterprise. A major focus is encouraging the purchase of online tickets. The reason behind this is simple: the more visitors book their tickets online beforehand, the better we can regulate the flow of tourists. It would enable us, for instance, to monitor whether certain days would get too crowded.

The Nederwaard windmills.

The Nederwaard windmills.


From January 1, anyone booking tickets online will pay just 9 euro per ticket. That’s 2 euro cheaper than buying tickets at the cash register. That amounts to a serious discount if you plan to visit our wonderful windmill complex with your whole family, for example – an attractive offer indeed! Ordering tickets online is a piece of cake on our website. We suggest picking a day marked in green on the calendar, because those are days when we don’t expect large crowds. Springtime is the busiest season here at Kinderdijk, so you’ll see that on some days in that period, we don’t sell any online tickets. You’ll recognise these very busy days by their grey colour on the calendar.

PLEASE NOTE: Groups of fifteen visitors or more can use one of our various group deals. Groups can only enter the windmill complex by prior reservations!  You can find out all about our group deals on our group visits page.

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Your entry ticket grants you access to the Nederwaard Museum Mill, the Blokweer Museum Mill, the movie theatre at De Fabriek Auxiliary Pumping Station, and the monumental Wisboom Pumping Station dating from 1868. On top of that, you can access loads of extras by linking your ticket number in our free app (Kinderdijk UNESCO Official).

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