7 October 2021

De Graafstroom Dairy will be the main sponsor of Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage.

The signing of the new sponsor contract for the next five years took place last week. De Graafstroom Dairy and Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage share a passion for the polder and authenticity.

“From our sustainability point of view, we believe it is important that the unique character of the landscape is preserved. That is why we remain sponsor of Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage. From our shared local roots, we support Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage straight from the Green Heart (area in the Netherlands)!” says Raymond Noordermeer, director of De Graafstroom Dairy. He signed this agreement together with Peter-Jan van Steenbergen, director of the Kinderdijk World Heritage Foundation.

De Graafstroom Dairy

De Graafstroom Dairy has been located in Bleskensgraaf in South Holland since 1908. Here, cheeses are prepared with great care, passion and love with the milk of cows from the Green Hart and the surrounding area; cheese from the heart! In the Green Hart, the windmills, together with the cows in the meadows, form an indispensable part of the unique landscape.

Sustainable management and preservation of the polder

In our peat meadow landscape, water management is still an important topic. Water management also plays an important role in combating subsidence. De Graafstroom Dairy is one of the initiators of the Green Circle project “Cheese and subsidence” that tries to combat subsidence in the Green Hart with level-controlled water drainage. The sustainable management and preservation of the polder is therefore a theme that inextricably connects Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage and De Graafstroom Dairy.

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