16 September 2021

Flashback Illumination Week 2021

We look back on a very successful edition of the Illumination Week 2021.Once again, many people from all over the country have been able to enjoy this beautiful, traditional Dutch fairytale landscape. Due to the good weather, visitors could fully enjoy this beautiful spectacle.

Last week many photographers went to UNESCO Kinderdijk World Heritage site for the illuminated windmills. Michiel de Haan, Head Facilities at SWEK tells about his experience: “It was not completely dark yet, but there were already countless photographers ready to shoot pictures. Of course, everyone wanted to take the perfect picture of the beautifully illuminated mills.”

Enthusiastic participants photography course

Similar to last year, the photography course by Marijn Heuts was very well attended in the yard of Museummolen Nederwaard. Participant Susanne Poortvliet made beautiful photos during the course, see the collage below.

Cruise along the windmills

Many visitors boarded on one of the two tour boats, from where they saw the beautifully mills slide past them from the water. Combined with a snack and a drink in the Kinderdijk café, visitors really enjoyed a lovely night out in Kinderdijk World Heritage.

Save the date...

Next year the 50th edition of the Illumination Week will take place. Note the first full week of September 22 in your agenda. Hope to see you (again)!

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