25 September 2019

For the first time all locations open throughout the winter season

This year, for the first time ever, all our Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage visitor locations will remain open throughout the approaching winter season. The Hopper tour boat will continue to make its rounds as well.

For anyone who is looking for a serene and peaceful day out, the  winter season is a great moment to visit Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage. As soon as frost and snow set in, the beautiful Kinderdijk landscape is transformed into a mesmerising wintery wonderland. In recent years, we’ve noticed that ever more tourists picked Kinderdijk as a great destination for a day out in the colder months of the year. That’s why this year, we have decided to keep all visitor locations open every day throughout the 2019/2020 winter season, covering the period between November 1 and February 29. The heated Hopper tour boat, will continue to make its rounds as well.

Spectator in a snow-covered landscape.

Spectator in a snow-covered landscape.

In practical terms, this means that not only the Blokweer Museum Mill will stay open for your visit, but so will Nederwaard Museum Mill, Wisboom Pumping Station, and De Fabriek Auxiliary Pumping Station. Over the past few years, only the Blokweer Museum Mill was open in January, with reduced entry fees to compensate. Nontheless, a fully open World Heritage site will not prevent us from performing our traditional annual winter maintenance activities on the windmills and millyards. Whenever possible, we will make the maintenance work on the mills and yards a part of the story we want to tell. Furthermore, groups of 15 to 25 visitors can make use of the special Winter Group Deal we have on offer throughout the entire winter season.

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This is how stunning it gets around here when it snows...

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