31 August 2022

Frequently Asked Questions Illumination Week 2022

Read the answers to the most frequently asked questions below. We wish you an enchanting visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk this week!

What time do the lights go on?

This year the windmills are illuminated for more than a week! Both weekends (2 & 3, 9 & 10 September) the lights are turned on from 8.15 pm till 11 pm.

Monday till Thursday the windmills are illuminated from 8.15 pm till 10.30 pm.

Where can I park?

When you come to the Illumination Week by car (from 5 pm), we have a free parking lot within walking distance (10 minutes) from the entrance of the World Heritage Site, address: Smitweg 6, Kinderdijk. There is also limited space at the (paid) parking lot at the entrance of the World Heritage Site. The number of available parking spaces here are limited and full is full, address Nederwaard 1B, Kinderdijk.

Does the tour boat sail?

Yes, we organize multiple tours per evening with our (covered) tour boats. Tickets are still available online! With an online ticket you are assured of a spot on board of the tour boat Friso or Beatrix.

Tickets are also available at our ticket desk in our Visitor Center. Be on time, because full = full!

Is there a possibility to have a snack and a drink nearby?

Our Kinderdijk-cafe is opened every evening (except Sunday) during the Illumination Week. Here you can have a hot or cold drink or try the new beer by local brewery Kinderdijkse Kater, specially brewed for the Illumination week!

Can we come with a SUP?

It is allowed to come with a SUP or boat, but please note that lighting is mandatory, and it is not allowed to moor at our jetties.

Can we go inside the museum mills?

No, in the evening our museum mills are not open for the public. For this we advise you to come back for a visit during the day (this is a different ticket).

What is the best spot to take photos?

All places are beautiful. But a special point is on the Bridge with a view of the five mills of the Overwaard in a row during the unique “blue hour”!

Keep in mind that more people choose this place, and it can get crowded. Always keep an eye on your surroundings, this also includes cyclists!

What is the program of the Illumination Week?

Read more over here.

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