25 July 2019

Illumination Week’s 47th edition at UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk

All throughout the first week of September, the Kinderdijk windmills are back in the spotlights in a literal sense.

Every evening, from 8 to 10.30pm, all eyes and all floodlights are on the mills as they light up the night sky. On Friday evening even a half an hour longer! Every year, pictures shot during Illumination Week are shared across the globe.

If you prefer to relax and gaze on as the windmills slowly drift by, you’ll love the special evening-time boat tours we have scheduled throughout the week.

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Our brand new Visitor’s Center is during the Illumination week open longer. Enjoy a drink in the restaurant and let the evening pass you by. On Friday evening there is a small market in the village. As always, the proceeds from that beloved tradition go to the Kinderdijk Playground Foundation.

Saturday 7th of September

The last day of the Illumination week. Our new Visitor Center will be officially opened on this day. Some locations are closed and not accessible tot he public. If you have the opportunity to view the illuminated mills one of the other days, we highly recommend that!

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