21 October 2019

Up before dawn looking for that picture-perfect Kinderdijk shot

On some of his days off, he gets up at six just to capture the sunrise on camera. Johan Klos can regularly be seen cycling to Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage, out on a quest for the perfect snapshot.

The 54-year-old hobby photographer from Alblasserdam treats his social media followers to amazing photoshoots just about on a weekly basis. The Kinderdijk windmills frequently feature as the stars of his oeuvre: “I’ve been doing this for about fifteen years now”, the Rotterdam-born enthusiasts says at the new Visitors Centre. “Of course, this is just a stunning place.”

He uses a special app to determine the optimum position for capturing the perfect sunrise or sunset against the best possible backdrop. Many of his photo’s are shot using ‘just’ his smartphone. His work has not gone unnoticed, however, in spite of his modest techniques. Local and national broadcasters like RTV Rijnmond, NOS, RTL, WNL, SBS6, Omroep Gelderland, Omroep West are just a random few of the TV channels that have used imagery captured by Klos in their weather forecasts. He has a special folder of ‘photo’s featured on TV or in the newspapers’ on his Facebook page, which currently boasts 331 files in total. “To be fair, that’s quite thrilling every time it happens. It gets me a lot of nice replies, and it left me with a lot of great contacts over the years.”

Johan Klos on the roof of the Visitors Center.

Johan Klos on the roof of the Visitors Center.

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