8 October 2021

Learn more about the windmills by doing a fun scavenger hunt.

Experience an unforgettable, educational day out this fall in Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage.

Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage shows you how the Dutch have been living, struggling, and working with the water that defines our country. Nowhere else in the world will you find so many windmills together as in Kinderdijk. There is more than enough to see, do, learn and discover, also for younger children.

Autumn in Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage

October 11 till 31 children can learn more about the windmills in Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage by doing a fun scavenger hunt.

Scavenger hunt
Windmills are hidden at several locations. Did you find them all? Then you’ll receive a small gift to take home!

Fall offer Kinderdijk-café
You can end your visit to Kinderdijk in a cozy atmosphere in our Kinderdijk-cafe. Enjoy a special fall offer during these four weeks.

Yes, I want to experience autumn in Kinderdijk!

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