10 November 2022

Museum mill Blokweer in the spotlights

A world-class memorial.
From Dordrecht to Kinderdijk and beyond.
The region is connected by a legend from 1421.

St Elisabeth's Flood

More than six hundred years ago, a ferocious storm caused one of the worst floods in Dutch history: the Sint-Elisabeth Flood. This iconic disaster has shaped the region Drechtsteden as it is today. To commemorate this, four bridges in the region and the Drierivierenpunt will be put in the spotlight for almost a week during the Spotlights On Event.

Museum mill Blokweer

To tie in with this event, Museum mill Blokweer will also be put in the spotlight on Wednesday 16 November to commemorate the saga from 1421.
In addition, the World Heritage Treaty celebrates its 50th anniversary on this date. With this treaty, world heritage is given the protection and podium it deserves, because you are not just a World Heritage Site.

To connect these two events, Museum mill Blokweer is illuminated in blue and we show an animation to tell the world a message.

Wednesday 16 November
from 7PM

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