24 July 2019

New voyage of discovery for children at Blokweer Museum Mill

Welcome to the year 1956. Since this week, little Pete is here to take our youngest visitors back to the middle of last century, setting out on a voyage of discovery for children aged between 7 and 10.

Using the educational flyer as their guide and wearing real wooden clogs on their feet, junior visitors can set out by themselves to explore the mill and the yard that surrounds it. Look at how small that bedstead is! What’s that strange thing standing next to the boiler room? And did little Pete really have to use old newspapers to wipe his bum…?

Over the past few months, this journey of discovery was developed by commission of SWEK, the Kinderdijk World Heritage Foundation. Emphasis is on the educational aspects of the Blokweer Museum Mill. Children in the target audience get a playful opportunity to learn at their own pace, as they explore all there is to know about life as it was lived nearly a century ago, here at Kinderdijk’s oldest windmill.


Families with children in the intended age group receive the attractively designed brochure at the cash register of Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage. These are free of charge. In case you’ve missed them, additional brochures are available from our staff at the Blokweer Museum Mill. These flyers are currently available in a Dutch and English version.

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