21 January 2020

More paid Kinderdijk World Heritage group visits in 2019

The opening of a new entrance built specifically for groups of guests has led to a significant increase in the number of paid group visits to Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage. Over the course of last year, a grand total of 363,000 visitors bought entry tickets.

This result amounts to a 17 percent rise compared to our 2018 figures. The increase is entirely due to the newly opened group entrance. The number of individual visitors purchasing entry tickets in 2019 totalled 167,000 – roughly the same as the previous year’s tally. The introduction of the group entrance in March 2019 resulted in the separation of two distinct tourist flows: one consisting of individual visitors; the other consisting of groups. Groups comprising 15 members or more are required to make prior reservations, and must report at the reception desk located in the special entrance zone for groups. These divided visitor flows enable us spread or limit tourist traffic on crowded days. As a rule, visiting groups without prior reservations are refused access to the premises.

The Visitors Centre.

The Visitors Centre.

As per January 1, the difference in prices paid for online tickets and cash register tickets has been increased to 2 euros. By this measure, the Kinderdijk World Heritage Foundation (SWEK) aims to convince more visitors to buy their tickets online. Selling more tickets by online means will improve our control over visitor traffic flows. Over the coming years, SWEK will continue its efforts to encourage online sales. Online tickets for adults cost 9 euros, whereas cash register tickets cost 11 euros. A substantial part of all entry ticket revenues is allocated to the upkeep of the Kinderdijk area and the maintenance of its windmills.

Over the coming years, SWEK will continue its efforts to encourage online sales


Entry tickets grant access to the Nederwaard and Blokweer museum windmills, the movie theatre, and the historic Wisboom Pumping Station. They also offer a host of additional features through the Kinderdijk app. On April 1, Overwaard Museum Windmill is set to open its doors. This museum mill is intended exclusively for groups with reservations, and is not covered by regular entry tickets.

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