31 July 2020

Shuttle service to Kinderdijk World Heritage

From today, Friday 31 July 2020, shuttle buses will run between the Alblasserdam harbour area and the entrance of the Kinderdijk mill area, report the municipality of Alblasserdam and Molenlanden. Tourists park their cars in the Alblasserdam harbour area.

In Alblasserdam, a total of about 125 parking spaces are available in the harbour area. Visitors pay € 7.50 per parked car for transport to Kinderdijk. The shuttle buses run twice an hour from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on weekdays. The Kinderdijk World Heritage Foundation (SWEK) also keeps the parking lot at the main entrance in use. In addition, the boarding and alighting area for coaches is temporarily used for parking passenger cars, until group visits with coaches will start.


During the summer holidays, the Waterbus sails with an extra boat to Kinderdijk, just like in 2019. During that period, it is possible to sail every hour with line 202 from Dordrecht and Rotterdam to the entrance of the Kinderdijk mill area within 30 minutes.

The waterbus stop in front of the entrance to the mill area.

The waterbus stop in front of the entrance to the mill area.

Further measures

On weekends, the Royal IHC car park remains, as always, available to tourists. A parking referral system guides motorists to the right place every day. The municipalities of Molenlanden and Alblasserdam and SWEK successfully experimented with the shuttle service during the busiest weeks in 2019. It is one of the measures against parking pressure in Kinderdijk. Another measure is permit parking. This measure will be introduced as soon as possible. Residents will be notified of this in the second half of August.

In the village of Kinderdijk, the sidewalks are narrow and it is difficult to carry out the 1.5 meters distance. Because visitors will be referred to Alblasserdam for a parking space again from 31 July 2020, it is expected that the parking pressure in Kinderdijk will decrease and with it the number of pedestrians on the sidewalks. These visitors will be alerted via a flyer and traffic controllers about the one-way route to the Windmill area via the Molenstraat and the Lekkade (on the way back).

Recently placed wooden roadside posts make it impossible to park on the Lekdijk between Kinderdijk and Nieuw-Lekkerland. This prevents parked cars from obstructing the flow of traffic. The 140 posts also protect the verges against damage from parking.

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