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from 15 persons - 90 minutes

Sit back and relax as you and your company enjoy a boat tour around the basins. From the comfort of the low-noise vessel, you’ll make a thirty-minute round trip past our windmills. You’ll have plenty of time to take the best pictures. In the Museum Mills and our visitor’s centre, you’ll learn how the mills and pumps of Kinderdijk do their job.

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    • Includes free entry to Nederwaard Museum Mill and Wisboom pump station

Experience all of Kinderdijk from the water

The Duiker package deal is a great way to experience Kinderdijk. A round trip across the basins, where the mills discharge the water  they drain from the polder soil, gives you ample time to take the most sensational pictures from a unique vantage point. The skipper takes you along all of our windmills in his low-noise vessel, so our Duiker package deal will let your entire company relax as they enjoy an unforgettable tour of the Kinderdijk world of windmills.

Sailing over rainwater pumped up with the power from wind and steam.

Sailing over rainwater pumped up with the power from wind and steam.

See a Museum Mill and pumping station from the inside

The package deal also includes a visit to our Nederwaard Museum Mill, where you can get a personal taste of how millers used to live and work in a windmill with their entire family. The programme also covers a visit to our Wisboom Pumping Station visitors centre. here, you will immerse in our multi-screen film about the story of Kinderdijk, which tells you all about how Kinderdijk World Heritage and its windmills became famous around the world.