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Hoge Lijn

from 15 persons - 120 minutes

The Hoge Lijn package deal grants your entire company acces to both of our Museum Mills at discount prices, and lets you enjoy the Wisboom pumping station visitors centre, where a special multi-screen film will teach you all about the story of how Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage came about.

  • Get a package deal?

    • Includes free entry to Blokweer and Nederwaard Museum Mills and the multiscreen film in Wisboom Pump Station

Take your time to explore the Kinderdijk windmills

If you opt for our Hoge Lijn package deal, you are not only playing it smart due to our discount entry fees, but you will also have all the time you need to let your group get familiar with Kinderdijk and its windmills. On our World Heritage windmill complex, you can take it easy as you stroll between the reeds, discovering every windmill one after the other. As you wander, you are bound to come across both of our Museum Mills, where you are allowed to see for yourself what life used to be like for a miller back in the day.

Walking past the windmills of Kinderdijk

Walking past the windmills of Kinderdijk

Experience our Museum Mills and Wisboom pumping station

In our Museum Mills, you’ll get a personal look at the lives of millers and their families as they operated these windmills in centuries past. You truly need to experience this for yourself to picture a life like that, so step right into a miller’s existence with our Hoge Lijn package deal! In the Wisboom pumping station visitor’s centre, you can walk among the mighty machinery of the old diesel pumps as you relax and enjoy our multi-screen film about the story of Kinderdijk World Heritage. This enables the whole group to set their own pace as you familiarise yourselves with the history and the human aspects of the age-old miller’s existence in the Netherlands.