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from 15 persons - 90 minutes

Take your group on a ninety-minute stroll among the mills and enjoy all the monumental highlights of Kinderdijk World Heritage, as your personal tour guide tells you everything there is to know about life in and around a classical Dutch windmill.

Set out on a tour through the history of the miller's existence

Our ‘Stormeind’ group deal grants your company a personal look into the life of the Kinderdijk millers. Your group is accompanied by a knowledgeable local tour guide, who will tell you all about the miller’s existence and answer any questions that may arise during your visit. Enjoy a ninety-minute leisurely stroll along all the main landmarks of our World Heritage, while you listen to the story of Kinderdijk’s struggle against the water, told from the personal perspective of your guide.

Enjoy Kinderdijk as your personal tour guide tells you all about the life of a Dutch miller

Discover the highlights below sea level

The ‘Stormeind’ group deal takes you on a tour along the monumental highlights of World Heritage Kinderdijk. Visit the millwright’s workshop and get a personal glimpse of the sheer mastery and craftsmanship required to build and maintain our windmills. As your guide explains the background of our world-famous water management, the group continues the walk to the Wisboom pumping station visitor centre for our exhibition and a multi-screen film about the origins of Kinderdijk. From there, the Nederwaard museum mill awaits your company on the far bank of the basin. Follow your guide inside and step right into a genuine windmill in working order, where time has stood still to submerge you in the traditional life of a Dutch miller’s family. Once your group has been through such a close encounter with the tale of UNESCO World Heritage Kinderdijk, you will probably have some new questions that call for answers. Fortunately, your tour guide is with you until the end of the trip, to ensure that nobody needs to leave with any question marks remaining.

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