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Parking only or staying the night?

Quite simply, no tour of the Netherlands is complete without paying a visit to Kinderdijk World Heritage. If you’re interested in driving your camper van straight through the history of the Dutch struggle against the water, you will find all the details on parking facilities and overnight stays right here.


During regular opening hours on our Main Parking. Costs €7,50. Note: The number of spaces is very limited.
Free parking from 1 January until 8 February  2018.

Camper Space Vletstraat in Nieuw-Lekkerland
Spacious places. Next to Swimming Pool Schoonenburg and tennis courts. Overlooking the windmills. Shops and baker’s at walking distance. From Nieuw-Lekkerland you can follow a bicycle path straight to Kinderdijk. Distance 2,6 km.
Address: Vletstraat 2, 2957 EB  Nieuw-Lekkerland
Note: It is not permitted to stay overnight at this Parking!

On Saturdays and Sundays you can park your camper on the Parking of Royal IHC Shipyard, Smitweg 6 in Kinderdijk. Follow the information screens in the village. Parking is free of charge. You are not allowed to stay the night.
Note: This Parking is closed off with a fence at 18:00 hours!

You are not allowed to park campers in the village of Kinderdijk. We have limited space on the Parking Area of World Heritage Kinderdijk. Staying the night is not allowed by Dutch law.

Make sure you find your spot before you lay your head.

Overnight stay

Staying the night in a camper in Kinderdijk is not allowed. If you do wish to spend the night we recommend the following.

Camper Park Kinderdijk in Alblasserdam
Spacious places of 6 by 10 meters. Situated on the port of Alblasserdam with all mod cons. Sanitary, electricity and wifi. Shops at a walking distance. From Alblasserdam you can take a bicycle path straight to Kinderdijk. Distance 5,2 km.
Address: Marineweg 3a, 2952 BX  Alblasserdam.

Camping Landhoeve in Nieuwl-Lekkerland
Rurally situated minicamping for campers, caravans and tents. Open from April 7th till October 1st. Staying the night comfortably with sanitary, wifi and more included. Bicycle distance 6,5 km.
Address: Lekdijk 15, 2957 CA  Nieuw-Lekkerland.

By car

By car

Kinderdijk World Heritage is easy to reach by car. You get to park close to the windmills, allowing you to experience everything at you own preferred pace.

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By public transport

By public transport

If you plan on visiting Kinderdijk by public transport, you'll find it easy to take a bus from Utrecht, Rotterdam, or Dordrecht. You'll get of right at the World Heritage entrance!

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By Waterbus

By Waterbus

At Kinderdijk, everything revolves around water, so if you're visiting from Rotterdam or Dordrecht, the Waterbus will get you to Kinderdijk in thirty minutes, and in style too!

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By bike

By bike

Kinderdijk is open to bicycles, and is connected to some of the best national cycling routes, so please include our mills in your cycling trip as an adventurous Dutch stopover!

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