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Evening photography workshop

2 - 3 September 2019

If you’re into photography, now is your chance to join in a series of workshops on evening and landscape photography, hosted by top photographers throughout Illumination Week. Get access to special sections of the windmill area and a huge deal of expertise and experience that will lift your pictures to a higher level.

Learn from expert photographers

A special photography workshop at an exceptional location, on an extraordinary moment… Attention all keen hobby photographers: throughout our Illumination Week, when during the first week of September all of Kinderdijk’s mills bask in magical lighting at night, professional expert photographers take you along on a workshop journey through the world-famous windmill area. This is your one-off chance to get the greatest shots as you learn the tricks of the trade along the way. You’ll have exclusive access to parts of the World Heritage site that are normally off limits. Professional; experts give you an insider’s look at how to capture the greatest windmill landscapes, as you learn how to make optimal use of the subtle changes in the transition from daylight to dusk and the evening, paying special attention to the mysterious ‘blue hour’.

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Are you into photography? If so, you’re bound to love our evening photography workshops! On September 3, Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage gives you an unprecedented and unforgettable opportunity to expand your photo collection with the best shots that the Dutch landscape has to offer. Learn from veteran professionals Bart Heiweg and understand why you’ll find pictures of the Kinderdijk windmills all over the world. You’ll get hands-on tips and professional insights on how to raise your own photography to a whole new level. Have a quick look at your options and reserve your exclusive spot before all workshops are completely booked!

unique photography workshops hosted by experienced professional photographer

Monday September 3

Photographer Bart Heirweg
Love to shoot magical pictures? Join us for a fascinating evening photography workshop at Kinderdijk! During the blue hour, just after sunset, the sunlight takes on a magical shade of blue. Learn how to photograph this breathtaking moment with the professional tips & tricks of landscape photographer Bart Heirweg.
Price € 150,-
Group size 10
Unique location Blokweer museum windmill yard

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General workshop information

The English workshop is scheduled for 3 September 2018, during the Kinderdijk Illumination Week. We will assemble at Kinderdijk UNESCO World Heritage at 5:30pm, and the entry fee is already included in your reservation.

5:30 – 6:00pm: Ride to the shoot location
6:00 – 7:00pm: Welcome and presentation with practical tips & tricks
7:00 – 8:30pm: Sunset
8:30 – 9:30pm: Photoshoot in the special light of the blue hour

Basic knowledge and equipment

• A digital reflex or mirrorless camera;
• A tripod;
• A standard lens;
• A wide-angle lens (optional);
• Basic knowledge of your own camera’s operation, such as shutter time, ISO, and diaphragm.

Conditions of entry

By signing up for one of the photography workshops, you agree to the following conditions. Please note that your enlistment will only become final once your payment has been received.
• Any single enlistment is for one person only;
• A minimum age of 12 years applies to all workshops;
• Prices include 21% vat;
• Please note that the photographer hosting the workshop assumes you have some experience* with your digital (reflex) camera;
• All workshops have limited room for participants – get your spot before they’re gone;
• By signing up for any photography workshop, you agree to our privacy statement;
• Reservations made cannot be cancelled.

* i.e., being familiar with your camera and knowing how to set diaphragm, shutter time, and ISO.

Illumination Week

Illumination Week

Buy your ticket for the tour boat and enjoy the view from the water. The museummills and visitor center are closed in the evening, walk freely around the area.

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