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Nature Work Day

2 November 2019

Help the mills of Kinderdijk face the wind again: come spend an active and social day of nature management at the National Nature Work Day! On November 3, treat yourself to a traditional Dutch workout among the reeds as you make yourself useful for the polder landscape: you will earn yourself the millers’ gratitude.


Come enjoy a day of natural activity on Nature Work Day

Anyone who loves to spend an active day out in the beautiful Dutch countryside is more than welcome at Kinderdijk. We are having a field day: our Nature Work Day will give you a classical Dutch open-air workout as you make yourself extremely useful for all of our windmills, and for the water management of the entire area. On November 3, we roll up our sleeves together during the annual Nature Work Day at Kinderdijk World Heritage. Enjoy a great outing together with other enthusiasts as we set out into the polder landscape for a round of natural maintenance, with a good cup of coffee and a grateful miller as your reward. Fancy getting busy outdoors with a group of active naturalists? We would love to see you at the Kinderdijk Nature Work Day.

If we don’t cut back the year’s new leaves and branches, you won’t see the windmills for the trees pretty soon.

Catch some fresh air as you help our mills catch the breeze

Kinderdijk World Heritage is more than a cultural marvel; it’s also at the heart of a wonderful expanse of natural reserve protected by the European Union, accommodating a range of special bird species and a glorious green Dutch landscape. Of course, having such an abundance of wildlife nearby is wonderful, but if we don’t curb the excess growth, our millers won’t be able to see the forest for the trees eventually. Worse yet: if we don’t cut some of the greenery, it will grow taller than our mills, preventing the sails from catching enough wind to set the gears in motion. That’s why it is so important to have an occasional trimming session, to ensure we keep the wind beneath our wings for another year. We go about it just like the millers used to do traditionally. We cut back the reeds, the willows, and the other trees to prevent them from catching all the wind. Would you like to lend a hand? With just a few hours of spare time, you’ll not only catch some fresh air in a unique natural area, but you’ll be doing your share to preserve the Kinderdijk World Heritage site!

Illumination Week

Illumination Week

Buy your ticket for the tour boat and enjoy the view from the water. The museummills and visitor center are closed in the evening, walk freely around the area.

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