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Who, what, where. But especially how? For the best results.

Can I shoot professional film without making an appointment?

We can arrange a lot. Our windmills are very popular with image makers. On average we receive over forty requests for filming on a yearly basis. This his large effects. The majority of our windmills is inhabited. On top of that our area is protected by bird protection laws and is mentioned on the European Nature2000-list. All filmcrews are accompanied and planned by us. Additional advantage: we are very experienced with image and we know this area like it was the back of our hand.


Can I use drones?

Drones are wonderful things making wonderful images. We really think so. Unfortunately, since 2016, over 200 flights were reported by the millers living in our windmills. This causes a lot of irritation. Besides that, World Heritage Kinderdijk is a Natura 2000 area. Plants, birds and other animals find here protection to maintain the species and habitats. You can absolutely not fly with a drone above this area. Consider the privacy of the millers living in our windmills, but also the animals who come here to rest.


Do I need a permit to fly with a drone?

Yes. If you would like to fly with a drone, you need a permit. You can apply for a permit at the ‘omgevingsdienst Haaglanden’. Foundation World Heritage Kinderdijk do not granted permits.

Did you get a permit? Inform us. We will inform the millers of our windmills of your visit.


Is my acces unlimited?

Our area is accessible for bicycles and pedestrians. Even they cannot go everywhere. Some terrain is off limits, for instance to protect the privacy of our inhabitants. To bring equipment to locations is complicated. For that purpose we offer a specially designed filmboat. An floating platform with benches on the sides, of close to six by three meters, electrically powered and extremely stable. Additional advantage: You can make the best images from the water. After working with it, many filmcrews want to wrap up the boat and take it home.

Jan-Dirk Verheij
Press, sound and images.

World Heritage Kinderdijk welcomes many journalists and filmcrews from all corners of this fine globe. We love helping you do your job as best as you can.