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Guidance during film shoots

We can arrange pretty much anything here in Kinderdijk. Our windmills are hugely popular among film makers. Every year, we receive dozens of film crews from all over the world. Of course, this has consequences we need to take into consideration. Most of our windmills are inhabited. Furthermore, large sections of the Kinderdijk World Heritage site are protected wildlife reserves included in the Natura 2000 list. This is why all film crews need to operate under our guidance at all times. This is a bonus, actually, as we are highly experienced when it comes to filming, and we know the area like the back of our hand. Allow us to help you get the very best shots that Kinderdijk has to offer!


Can I use drones?

Let’s make one thing clear: drones are wonderful devices, capable of capturing stunning imagery – we wholeheartedly agree with that. Nonetheless, employing drones can easily become a serious nuisance. Since most of our windmills are inhabited, taking the privacy of residents into consideration is a big deal to us. After all, who likes having cameras hovering overhead intruding your private space all day long?

In addition, Kinderdijk World Heritage is a protected Natura 2000 area. A wealth of plant life, bird species, and other animals use it as a much needed safe haven to preserve wildlife diversity and habitats. This means that as a rule, flying over Natura 2000 zones is prohibited, to prevent disturbing the peace that flora and fauna need. Professional drone pilots must always obtain prior permission from the Omgevingsdienst Haaglanden authorities. National directives govern drone use by private individuals.



Campaign to discourage drone use

In September 2018, the No Drone awareness campaign was launched under the direction of the Molenwaard and Alblassserwaard municipal authorities. The campaign uses signs, social media, and other means to make Kinderdijk World Heritage visitors aware of the impact that drones have on the daily lives and privacy of our residents. Under current regulations, drone pilots may be fined by force of Molenwaard General Local Directives (Algemene Plaatselijke Verordening) if they cause demonstrable nuisance and are caught in the act. The amount fined is nothing to sneeze at: 410 euros, to be precise. If you did manage to obtain a licence, please be sure to inform us at the Kinderdijk World Heritage Foundation (SWEK). We will inform the millers in turn.


Can I access all areas?

Although our premises are accessible to cyclists and pedestrians, some areas are off-limits nonetheless. This can make it tricky to move equipment to your chosen location. To this end, we have a special camera boat to offer: an electrically powered platform with seating options measuring about six by three metres, which is particularly stable. As an added benefit, there is plenty of opportunity to take fantastic shots from the water surface. Your film crew wouldn’t be the first to try and take our vessel back home with you after use…

Jan-Dirk Verheij
Press, imagery, and audio.

Every year, Kinderdijk World Heritage welcomes a host of film crews and journalists from the four corners of the earth. Please allow us to make the most out of your work while you’re here.