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Stronger through friendship, to preserve through involvement

No one can do without friends. Kinderdijk is based on cooperation and getting things done together. It’s still impossible to do single-handed. Do you care for our windmills, our area and this genuine Dutch history? Become a Friend of Kinderdijk and help us tell our story to the world.

Become a true Friend of Kinderdijk!

While the Kinderdijk windmills have been toiling away for centuries to keep our Dutch feet dry, the people  of the Kinderdijk World Heritage Foundation have been working behind the scenes to keep Kinderdijk’s head above water. We can’t do this all on our own. Fortunately, Kinderdijk has been able to count on a circle of close Friends of Kinderdijk, who keep supporting us in order to preserve this unique piece of world history in prime condition. That way the whole world can keep enjoying our precious marvel of Dutch water management. Become a true Friend of Kinderdijk. Your support helps us in upkeeping this beautiful example of Dutch ingenuity and persistence!

Help us to save our history for the future.

Your personal bond of friendship

When you become a Friend of Kinderdijk we like to repay you also. You can choose for two different friendship packages. Have a look at the options, the extras, and the contribution you can make and pick the bond of friendship that suits you best. In doing so, you are extending a personal hand in our maintenance and conservation efforts to pass this glorious example of Dutch water history on to future generations!

Let me be a friend and help