For the true windmill enthusiast, an outing to Kinderdijk isn’t complete without a visit to the authentic windmill workshop. In the workshop, you can experience first-hand what’s involved in building and maintaining a windmill. You’ll also find out about being a miller. You’ll discover:

• How a windmill is built
• How a windmill is maintained
• How a windmill works
• What a miller does all day
• How you become a miller

Personal tour guide

In the Windmill Workshop, a personal tour guide tells you all about the 19 windmills at Kinderdijk. At this exceptional location, you’ll discover the different parts that make up a windmill and have the chance to study detailed building plans. And the windmill workshop is where you discover the windmill’s secret...

Your tour guide will explain how a windmill can use wind to pump water and what the process involves. In the workshop, you’ll hear the story of teeth and staves, turning sails, brake wheel, wind shaft, scoop wheel, auger and water level. An unforgettable outing in an deeply authentic Dutch setting.

Please note: the workshop is only open to visitors with a reservation.

Workshop tour